a minnesota native and economic major junior at boston college. greg grew up playing the piano, trombone, and guitar, but found his love for bass music later on. “the first music I got into as a teenager was mainstream hip hop. I remember the first time I heard ‘screamo’ music – I was scared yet somehow fascinated. that was the one point in my life that I can reference when I say I like really intense music because it’s hard to get into that kind of stuff unless you can deal with high intensity.” he went to a lot of metal shows in high school and eventually turned to electronic music when he heard guys like excision, downlink, bassnectar, rusko, flux pavilion, etc. “I think that I’m really passionate about making music a shared experience, and that definitely came from my first year of college when I got into djing and production through esm (electronic state of mind – a student club that hosted edm events/parties). meeting these people completely changed my life.” so much in that he’s been djing for years at various types of shows and parties in boston: “I’ve always viewed performing as being both about making good song choices, but maybe more importantly about crafting interesting and clean transitions between songs to make the experience unique for the listener.” check out his music on soundcloud and facebook.

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