gaetano parisio

Established as a respected pioneer who shaped the techno scene in the mid-’90s, Gaetano Parisio is an Italian DJ and producer who cofounded Neapolitan techno and resurfaced in 2020 following a 15-year break. Despite this time away, he never stopped making music and ultimately recharged himself to come back better than ever as he relaunched his original label Conform Recordings. In the last year, the Barcelona-based artist re-released his label’s entire back-catalog in digital format from its original DAT distribution in the ’90s and recently unleashed his fresh EP Fragments 2930 last month.

It’s certainly been a huge transition back into the scene where things outside of music are more important than the music itself. In this career field, his dream would be to see more “romance” and intimacy in the music without placing money as a priority, but if he were to be more practical, he would love to see promoters putting more young talents on their lineup, preferring them to the usual big names that correctly occupy 90% of the stages. Unfortunately, there’s also nothing that the cultivated character finds unique in the music scene that currently surrounds him. “Maybe because I belong to a generation that has really seen the beginnings and the true essence of what I consider today only a faded photo.” It pains him to say that “too much money has poisoned something that was born as a counter-culture and has now become mainstream, for I see an absence of personality and a worrisome, flattening creative curve.” Nevertheless, Gaetano ultimately hopes to present the newer current generation with an opportunity to showcase their pure talents and promote their bright visions through his restored platform.

Reflecting over the past few decades, he acknowledges how one of the things that fascinates him the most about being a producer is the constant challenge you have with your ego. “The vast majority of the time you are in the studio alone, and the moment comes when you have to make the decision that the track you’re working on is now finished. It’s one of the hardest things to accept that from then on, adding more or modifying what has already been done will not improve the final result. Even today it’s very difficult for me to accept this.” If ever given the opportunity in an alternate universe to spend a day in the future or past with himself, it’d be with the young Gaetano Parisio, for it’s from him that he took inspiration for his double EP on Conform Records “Fragments 2930”. The introspective artist reveals how he “had to unlearn many things that accumulated over time in order to be free again, a necessary condition for making music and art in general.”

Over the course of the pandemic, Gaetano had the great privilege of living in the company of his 3 dogs, becoming a father, and finding the woman he loved. He really appreciated the opportunity to spend time with himself, refine his music, and improve his technique as well as learning more about himself as he’s aged, such as the fact that he’s become quite selective in choosing the people he shares his time with. The elated figure looks forward to this new chapter and hopes to “continue having the same enthusiasm to ensure that everything happens in the best possible way, because what matters is not what you do, but how you do it.” Support the innovative artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

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