joep mencke

As a cherished member of the Klassified label and The Gardens of Babylon family, Joep Mencke is a compelling figure who utilizes music as a transformative tool. Shaped by the natural essences and exotic cultures of the world, the Dutch DJ-producer’s organic house music generates an odyssey of profound emotions and waves of energy for each listener. His latest debut album Unalome will be released next month and holds as a testament to his life’s mission of raising consciousness through music.

In Buddhist culture, unalome is a symbol that represents one’s path to enlightenment, and in this album, each individual song is defined by a distinct emotion that enables the listener to go on an inward journey of reflection and revelation through the frequencies of sound. Nature has always been his greatest source of inspiration, for the simplest details like the sound of the wind and the birds can be uplifting and cathartic. “I am drawn to the relationship between consciousness and sound, how our mind is affected by sound, and how it can make us feel. It is definitely the most beautiful music, and organic house perfectly seeks to integrate and combine these natural sounds with unique overtones.” As a performer, it can be mentally exhausting trying to find stability within the bustling lifestyle. Joep explains that “as a DJ, you live for these sets and work towards these peak moments, which are always filled with so much intensity and beauty. While it is always incredibly powerful, it can also be emotionally draining.” The Amsterdam-based artist admits that he also needs downtime with himself to reenergize his soul and reflect so that he’s able to enjoy and thrive in these intense moments. In an alternate universe, he’d love it if he could have teleportation as a superpower so that he can share his music while also being with those he loves, even if for a brief moment.

The bohemian musician hopes to be known for making life-changing music that creates a positive impact and contributes to making us all an even better version of ourselves. One unique example is The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, which raises awareness of the oceans through the fusion of music and journalism. “It was a beautiful experience being able to create music with a specific intention and in a different direction with it, which addresses a very critical problem of how we neglect our oceans and overlook the fact that there wouldn’t be life without it. All complex problems are rooted in ignorance, which is where awareness is key.” The project aligns with his purpose in music, which is raising consciousness and advocating for positive and meaningful impacts.

The spirited character reveals that the pandemic was an opportunity to slow down and realize what life is truly about, which is not about constantly chasing the next moment. “It actually gave me the space to start questioning the meaning of what I was doing, making me realize who I was, and how I wanted to contribute to this world. It was definitely a recalibration of my goals in life and a time when I integrated all these aspects into one.” After deconstructing, he was able to build again. “I figured out what music I wanted to make, delved deeper into creating the context of my album, and ultimately found the sounds that best expressed this journey.” Based on where this year is heading, there’s no doubt it will be a time where “I will finally be able to share with the world all the seeds I have been sowing.” Check out his latest single “Sabda” to be released on September 16th on Klassified and support the alluring artist now on Instagram and Beatport.

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