human rias

Applauded for his culturally inspired and moving sounds, Human Rias is a DJ-producer of Iranian heritage who defines himself as “a giver and energy seeker that travels the world to spread love and passion through music.” The soulful character wishes to support the people in Iran fighting for women’s rights and freedom by increasing the visibility and knowledge of the revolution occurring there. One artistic approach of doing so is through the release of a remix package on his new label 7Rituals with the plan for a different remix to be released each month this year.

Venturing himself into the electronic music world about 15 years ago, he traversed through various careers in the scene as a creative director of Mixed Munich Arts, worker at Cosmopop, and tour manager for Ukrainian stars ARTBAT before taking the leap to solely focus on DJing and producing. He learned the industry inside and out and expresses how he was “fascinated by the characterization of the DJ and how they function as the conductor of music to an audience.” Since then, he’s launched his own label called 7Rituals as a medium to express his emotions through music. It also functions as a label party series with majestic underground house and techno where “every party is defined by its own ritual” and has already been featured in Munich with great responses. Nevertheless, Human wants to be known for his individuality, “nothing less and nothing more,” and otherwise aspires to be distinguished for music that comes with love and passion from his soul and without boundaries.

Iranian singer and songwriter Shervin Hajipour recently wrote a track called ‘Baraye’ that was inspired by the death of Mahsa Amini with all proceeds going to Woman, Life, Freedom. The Munich-based artist hopes to contribute further to the people of Iran by dedicating a special remix package of the track from himself and other carefully selected electronic music artists including Jan BlomqvistRSRRCTANDATA, and more. As he started working on this campaign, he became incredibly impressed with how many talented Iranian producers there are in the scene. “Øntold and Remains of Silence are two incredibly talented producers whom I definitely want to work with in the future.”

Honored of his heritage, Human remains hopeful for a non-Islamic free Iran and conveys how “there are very few cultures on our planet with such open-heartedness, kindness, love, and endurance as the people in Iran have shown.” One day, he would love to see an “overground” music scene in Iran and watch these people dance and cry with joy. Check out his latest track to be released on March 24th and support the passionate artist on Instagram and Soundcloud.

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