sam divine

A legendary performer in the house music scene for over 20 years, Sam Divine is an electronic music musician who remains passionate about her abiding career and strives to be the best version of herself she can be. The versatile artist performs not only as a DJ and producer but also as a record label owner and radio broadcaster of 2 shows: Defected Records‘ show “House Music All Life Long” on Diplo’s Revolution Channel 52 on Sirius XM, and a weekly FM show in the U.K. that reaches 3.5 million listeners weekly and is syndicated globally online like Defected. After signing all her records and with her schedule fully booked for the year, the dynamic female believes that she’s finally in a good mental place where she can focus on her contemporary label, DVINE Sounds, and is super excited to debut her label showcase during Miami Music Week.

Featuring varied kinds of music amongst deep house, tech, and house, her illustrious label is noted to emit emotions, sensations, and solid grooves over confined genres, and she treats each signed producer as a new family member with set longevity. When it comes to social media, the fiery soul navigates it by wearing her heart on her sleeve so that her tribe and community can relate to her as she reveals all the highs and lows. “I find it so important to be yourself and act as a good role model,” she expresses. “I also view it as a photo album, so that I can look back on my pictures as a reminder of how far I’ve come.”

Throughout her long-lasting career, the globetrotter continues to be astonished by the little moments that define her greatest memories. “I love it and it blows my mind when I go to a country where I don’t speak the language, yet I can communicate through music.” Regardless of the genre, music is quite profound and powerful in how it unifies human beings. “People can go to a building or congregate in a field to dance – what other industry has that impact on people? Music can bring back memories instantly by just listening to it.”

Over the past year, one thing the go-getter has learned about herself is the value of patience. “The music industry can move really quickly, but it can also move pretty slowly. I run at 100 bpm and always have multiple projects on the go, so I’m gradually learning to slow down and enjoy the present moment.” If there was ever a time when Sam could time travel into the future or past, it’d be with her younger self so that she could provide wisdom and advice. “I would tell myself the real truths about being an adult, to work myself into the ground, and to find peace earlier.” Her topmost personal goals in life are to be happy and healthy, and she shares how she recently became a stepmom and new puppy owner. “As if life wasn’t hectic already, the family dynamics have massively changed. Regardless, I enjoy traveling for work and coming home to my family, and I’m so grateful to finally have balance in my life.”

Her label showcase during MMW will feature artists from her “bucket list” including Soul Clap, Minx, and Cash Only. “One of my favorite duos, Soul Clap, used to run a night in a pub in east London 10 years ago called Yo Yo Yo ’90s jams, and I went religiously, so it will be cool to see them play again. We have the queen, Minx, who I’ve respected as an artist for so long, and I’m eager to see what she throws down. Then we have the incredible Cash Only, who was born and raised in London and has an impeccable ear for music.” In the upcoming year, the Brit desires to start writing an album and planning a tour around it. Her new track, Face in the Crowd, for Hayley May is out on DVINE Sounds on April 7th. Be on the lookout for her first merchandise capsule dropping this summer, and support the vivid, ambitious DJ now on Beatport and Instagram.

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