The British newcomer ALISHA is a tech-house DJ and producer who’s mastered the craft of effortless mixes and honed production skills. Hailing from a small city in the U.K., her flourishing career grew exponentially through the power of social media, for she has already released on renowned labels such as Eastenderz, Toolroom, elrow Music, and Kaluki Musik, and her next debut is with Hot Creations with her latest single “Changes.”

In the past year, she’s culminated a breakthrough shift in her profession with a hefty touring schedule and numerous festivals and has learned to cultivate self-love by putting herself first and being patient with others who are there to help. The dynamic performer simply wishes to be known as an artist that brings energy to the dancefloor through her enticing personality and bouncy, groovy music. What’s also eye-catching is her laidback fashion style that is the epitome of sports chic. The huge Nike fan would love to work with the influential company one day, for it’s the only brand she ever really wears on her feet as well as with clothing.

There are too many memorable moments over the years to pinpoint and name, but one that sticks out is her debut at Paradise in Ibiza last year. “I’ve worked towards that moment since the start and have always said that the day I play Paradise is the day I might just finally accept that I’m doing alright at this!” If there were ever any changes she’d like to see in the electronic music scene, it’d be more for the ravers. She sees how people are judged for dancing and expressing themselves and believes that “everyone needs to let people be because they go out for the love of music.”

The Peterborough native hopes that she will continue to tour the world as she enjoys, creates, and plays music. Whenever she does have spare time, she loves to run and mainly listens to old-school ’80s and ’90s music, R&B, and hip-hop. You can catch her this summer playing at incredible festivals as well as Paradise this summer season in Ibiza. Check out ALISHA’s debut on Hot Creations with her latest single “Changes” and support the driven artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

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