one of the first pioneers to incorporate the sounds of detroit’s techno into local parties, nova has seen the variable trends of miami waver for the past 20 years. it was in 1993 when he first heard this underground sound while out and about seeing richie hawtin at a rave in ft lauderdale called “the edge” that sparked his interest. hawtin was closely working at a label back then called novamute, and from there he retrieved the name “nova” as his dj moniker. “the main thing that attracted me back then was the new music and new ideas not being shared out to the public. it worked like a double-edged sword – I was blessed to find this music but I was way ahead of my time.” 

with hopes that miami would catch onto this, he then started experimenting and throwing his own parties during winter music conference called “miami meets detroit” in the early 2000’s. super-successful and cutting in edge, these parties pitted against ultra music festival, which at the time tried remaining “underground.” with miami being a venue-driven city, his next project focused on expanding one annual wmc party to a monthly regular one called “pornograph” where the slogan “music doesn’t lie” emitted the undressed, real, and raw parts of this music.

at a time when dial-up was the next big thing, he received his first big break back in ’97 when he became involved with a radio station called the womb that transmitted radio mixes online across the world. it wasn’t until 2009 where he finally achieved exposure in europe as a well-established dj moving forward into his productions, giving him the opportunity to travel. having played all over from canada to guetamala and colombia, he admits his favorite places to party and play are in detroit and medellín, where there’s specifically “an educated crowd and really good energy.” when it comes to his djing style, nova admits he likes to see the magic happen when he doesn’t know what he’s going to play next. you can usually see his sporadic style incorporate mechanical techno mixed with funk.

now that he’s seen the ups and downs, he wishes miami would come together for the music versus party lifestyle. the ex-breakdancer and avid poker player hopes to play more locally and infuse his sounds across miami. check out his techno world on facebook and beatport.

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