within the past 4 years of living in miami, it’s been a slow yet uphill roller coaster ride for the diligent dj. born and raised in puerto rico, nuvega started djing at a time when edm was characterized by progressive, electro beats. “I fell in love with the hype, the way you can create your own timeline in your sets.” the self-taught drummer was heavily influenced by reggae, heavy metal, and blues-rock, and eventually used his first college scholarship for basketball to buy his first equipment. this led him to eventually connect well with other fresh, local talents, play for alcohol-sponsored parties and festivals in puerto rico, and become bigger than ever on the island.

after years of ascending in the progressive/electro scene, he decided to venture out to miami for the pure purpose of growing not only personally but musically as well. “I knew miami was the place to be if I wanted to go forward in the electronic music scene. I actually thought it was going to be an easy transition, but there was so much I needed to learn and experience. . . I felt like I had reached a certain limit in puerto rico, and a place like miami would help knock down doors and get noticed for my talent even more.” this encouraged him to discover the corners of the city, feel the vibes, and hear the genres that each venue had to offer. winning last year’s “proving grounds” contest at steam, staying fresh within the constantly wavering scene, and attending social events regularly for the personal, fulfilling experience have enabled him to create a mass group of supporters.

compared to his electro house days, nuvega transitioned his sound to suit the various dance floors of miami with the fusion of his latin vibes, dark, heavy basslines of techno and percussive rhythms of tech house. in a city so large with so many followers, you’re deemed to find top artists anywhere near you and run into the same people who hold similar interests as you. “I look up to local guys who present themselves in a certain way, like hugo bianco and patrick m for their musical tastes and types of environment they create with their sets, oscar g for his identity and huge following, and donnie lowe and mark m for their charisma and great flow of vibes while playing their shows among other locals. it’s made me change the way I express myself through music.”

besides taking everything little by little in the search of a sound that identifies him overall, he aims to be an established producer with his own label one day. his newest residency at heart nightclub and most recent project with fellow local dj and producer archila have been making waves across town with the great feedback and huge support they’ve already received. regardless of what he plays, he’s become more susceptible to playing different ambiences in his sets whereas other dj’s are solely identified by one genre. it doesn’t matter what other people say, nuvega encourages fans to “support what you like, for everything is meant to be generated and enjoyed in a different perspective.” see what he’s up to next on his journey on facebook and soundcloud.

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