dan k

evolving from a little kandy raver to a cultivated house music artiste has enabled dan k to grow as a multifaceted music master in the market industry that he’s in. with roots grounded from soulful, chicago-based house, he’s played just about everything but has finally found his place in music with this “garage-y, deep, jazzy bass house.”

after moving to miami in 2004, dan has noticed the clear distinctness in the scene between his hometown of chicago and current location in south florida. “miami is more about being connection-based that plays more edm and mainstream radio type of music. . . but with places like story and trade, underground is coming back stronger, whereas in chicago, you can find that underground sound just about anywhere.” one thing he does acknowledge is that music has become more “old-school influenced across all areas” of the country.

the former professional freestyle footbag player not only collects vinyl in his free time, but partakes as a content manager for a digital record store called traxsource that functions as like an itunes for underground music. within this business, he organizes thousands of tracks into specific genres, hand-picking the best tracks of the week while also producing the show “traxsource live!” that’s emitted to myriad radio stations in 40+ countries across the world. culling the best tunes for dj’s to play in the clubs, it’s no surprise that the focused producer concedes to having a very unique style of selection of music.

through his productions and by meeting certain people in the industry, he’s certainly immersed himself in the local scene. dan has curated his own events, such as “essential south beach” during winter music conference and “reload pool parties” at the raleigh hotel. with aspirations to flourish within traxsource and in his productions, he has already started collaborating with other local artists like ella romand and emi garth.

one message he’d like to spread across the board is to “keep buying your music, don’t steal it. and support your local artists, of course.” you can hear traxsource’s exclusive mix with the newest music every sunday from 5-7pm locally on evolution 93.5 fm. check him out now on facebook and soundcloud.

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