unlike other local striving artists, what sets maure apart from the rest is his business state of mind. using his childhood favorite motown artists for some inspiration, the natural seeker immersed himself into the djing world when he was a fresh teenager djing high school parties and eventually huge commercial clubs like mokai, set, and mansion in south beach. with drive and ambition running like blood through his veins, especially coming from a well-established family fashion business, he was destined to set himself apart and disperse his playful vibes through his music.

he creatively cultivated a new organization called the young artist initiative with the motive to unmask young local and unique artists, painters, and musicians striving to make a difference with their expressive form of art. “there’s so much competition. for the people who have been doing it a long time, their time has past. . . it’s time for new talent to emerge from underground and wisely use miami as a stepping ground and portal for the rest of the world.”

always staying true to beloved house music, maure had been limited for some time before finally knocking down some doors to perform at more underground venues. holding monthly residencies between his two favorite venues of bardot in miami and baum in bogotá, colombia have empowered him to fuse his authentic colombian sound and miami house endless party music under one roof, regardless of wherever that roof may be. “years ago, people weren’t educated and only knew about the south beach scene. with iii points and the wynwood movement going on, people are just starting to open their ears to this sound that’s always been around.” however, the electronic music scene has only just begun in colombia. “the scene has been growing immensely in large cities like bogotá, specifically with the house and techno pioneers behind the prominent club, baum. as for my hometown of barranquilla, it’s been a bigger challenge where the lacking electronic music scene is awful and the traditional music still reigns over.”

recently moving back to barranquilla to get involved with his family’s business, maure also anticipates on helping the scene grow by educating the people and bringing all his talented friends to play down there. with so many extremely artistic friends, maure “loves connecting the dots,” bringing friends from miami to colombia and vice versa. the avid traveler has partied all over the world from places like berlin to ibiza, where he experienced a mind-altering awakening after attending the party of the immortal german dj / producer, sven väth. although this reshaped the way he views electronic music, he still attests that “there’s nothing like miami, for we simply don’t take advantage of what we have right here in front of our faces.”

with no absolute desire to produce, something that’s rare for an aspiring dj nowadays, maure hopes to become a leading figure in the music industry, perhaps owning a record label or management company that brings in the biggest names in the game. “I look up to guys like pete tong and carl cox because they’re not producers, but dj’s with huge influences. . . whatever they feel at the moment gets so much exposure, becoming a hit and turning into gold for the masses.”

when it comes down to bumping up a room, maure’s flexible style enables him to spice things up instantly with his ability to find the right sound in the right place. for a well-rounded dj who plays all over colombia and miami to becoming a founder and music director at young artist initiative, it’s evident that maure will continue evolving into a beneficial force in the years to come. support the artist now on facebook and soundcloud.

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