bomba estéreo

colombians are notoriously known for being some of the funnest and happiest people in the world. it holds no exception to the flavorful colombian band, bomba estéreo, who are currently on tour promoting their latest album, amanecer, a word that means “sunrise” and represents their newborn awakening after having played together for about a decade.

within all their albums, the chameleon-like group has freshly incorporated tropical, folk, dance hall, electronic, and colombian music into a successful arrangement that blends so well together that there’s no correct word to describe this particular genre. at the moment, they admit that some musical influences in their style of work include nortec collective from mexico and buraka som systema from portugal.

as time goes on, it is without a doubt that most people expand in open-mindedness through different stages of music throughout the distinct phases of their lives. for simón mejía, he admits that growing up it varied with pink floyd, fania records albums, reggae music, the cure, and rock music, in general. “then the whole 90’s electronica boom happened with bands like the chemical brothers, massive attack, and all those london / bristol movements.” one of their favorite artists they’ve worked with is the one and only, will smith, who recently collaborated with them on a remix of their international hit song, “fiesta.”

it’s not easy making it “big” in countries like the u.s.a. or europe as a south american band, but bomba estéreo does well when it comes to transferring their raw emotions and live energy into their performances that you can also hear on their tracks. “the music we make is inspired by different genres, but we hope the result comes out as unique. . . bomba has achieved this after playing for so long together, a unique sound.”

performing at iii points in miami this month has been one of the myriad festivals they’ve traveled to around the world. it has its pros, creating live opportunities for some of your newest fans and biggest audiences to feel your authentic spirit and intensity. “we love the idea of how genres are blending and how you can find bands at electronic festivals and dj’s or electronic producers at rock festivals!” however, playing at festivals versus small, intimate settings can also have its cons, like the ability to “stay fresh with so many bands besides you who are also giving new, impactful shows. . . staying original and unique is a challenge in a world that tries to make everything homogeneous as well.”

after having performed as a group for almost 10 years, there’s been a huge progression in their musical style. “when you have a band, what you kind of try to do is evolve socially, but at the same time, try to stay true to your essence. we explore within the ‘colors’ that which we paint the music, and change the palette with every album. so with that mindset, every album we’ve done is different from the previous ones, for every one explores a different sonic stage.”

hear their latest album now on itunes and check out their music on facebook and soundcloud.

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