there’s something alluring that draws you in like a magnet to the mystical virgo. the californian native recently moved to miami in hopes of finding her place among the aspiring electronic music artists in this music haven. “miami is more electronic-focused, whereas los angeles is more industry- and rock’n’roll- focused. it’s a good home base for nyc or europe and asia” where she hopes to tour one day. nevertheless, fine arts was something always destined for virgo, since she played the piano and grew up in a family of musicians. classical music had always been her core, but it wasn’t until she heard artists like björk and the knife where she really fell in love with music. with so much progress happening so quickly, she admits that miami has been mostly welcoming, especially since attending the redbull music academy, which opened up a lot of doors for her.

her artist name came about when she created a short film called “virgo” back in film school. it was her zodiac sign, one that conveyed her qualities and explained the natural elements based in her stars. “the film was a meditation on being a virgo, introspection. . . finding yourself in a dark place of the mind, but through self-awareness. . . there’s stillness.” after that, she researched the virgo constellation, discovering that there’s a black hole within the virgo cluster in space, a dark void of energy that draws everything in.

not only does she create her own live visuals and produce her own genre of music called “ocean tech”, but she also sings and writes her own lyrics. “songwriting was something I always wanted to explore. and I finally got the chance once I got into music production like logic.” virgo looked to early trance for inspiration as well as the german dj and producer, recondite, who she’s in complete awe of and respectfully adores. “he’s a musician that’s so perfect and immersed in his world, who plays from a genuine, personal place.”

when it comes to her style, visuals, music, and everything else that attributes to her character, she attempts to “create from a darker place with darker emotions, but also tries to bring some light to it with visual aesthetic.” within the tropical-soaked, deep house music that’s so loved by miami, virgo is a fresh anomaly making waves who stands out for her all-white attire and creative live performance artistry. see what the rising star is up to on facebook and soundcloud.

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