carlos claros

with so many types of music being circulated in various forms these days, such as spotify, beatport, soundcloud, and youtube, you have to be smart and think outside the box if you want to make an impact in the modern digital world. one of the freshest ways to get featured globally and locally in miami is through, an online radio station that plays house music 24/7 and empowers local dj’s to broadcast their talent live. as one of the ceo / partners of, the new jersey native carlos claros is motivated to do things that other musicians wouldn’t do. “we wanted to do something different, something more of like a live scene with only locals playing. our motto is ‘we know music,’ which means we focus on playing good music, not stuff that’s commercial and in the top 100.”

carlos started off djing latin music and open format reggaeton in his early teens, slowly transitioning to house music before he ventured off to south florida, a mecca for underground electronic music lovers. having worked alongside a wide array of dj’s established in the scene and new, a few of his favorites have been the cube guys, chus & ceballos, and ivano bellini. with some of the first people in the electronic music scene he listened to being eric morillo and oscar g, it’s ironic that he’s featured the latter dj on his show multiple times over the years.

as runs in its 4th year, carlos has high hopes on moving the radio show to fm. you can already hear their show being broadcasted live at clubs and download the app on your smartphone in case you’re having fomo on hearing one of your favorite dj’s play. they’ve also just started featuring “the room,” an intimate section of the studio that features dj’s on a platform.

with carlos learning how to navigate the underground scene, it’s no wonder that he knows how to not only keep his friends close, but his enemies closer. you can catch the rising artist making his debut in south america later this year with his team. download on itunes and support carlos claros on facebook and soundcloud.

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