you may or may not have heard of klaud, the young musician who’s played at major festivals, touring around the world in his teenage years. growing up, the gifted artist aimed to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, but opted to go the artistic route where he’s always been musically-oriented. following his success at such a young age, klaud underwent a metamorphosis.

“the former music that I played no longer inspired me. after doing all these interviews and tours around the world, I still had an empty feeling, a void that something was missing. my friendships felt empty, and I had to force myself to feel when I was growing up.” this enlightenment enabled him to reevaluate his whole life on why he wanted to be a musician. the young klaud desired to be a hit and appeal to huge shows, which is fun for anyone but something that doesn’t exactly fulfill you. “I felt fake and needed to find my higher calling. my only purpose now is to inspire people.”

after undergoing a 180 degree shift, klaud is relaunching his brand this year, starting off with his recently released track, “regeneration.” he plans on doing more live sets, incorporating his early piano classical trainings into his productions and avoiding the “corrupted” edm scene. without trying to label his music as a certain genre or type, klaud would rather describe his sound as something that’s “true, cinematic, and electronic.”

he isn’t trying to appeal to anyone, but rather create music that tells a story that can change someone’s life. for example, if a pre-med student is struggling to survive academically, emotionally, or in all aspects, and he or she uses this music to keep themselves motivated and perseverant, then it would make him fulfilled knowing he’s impacted someone’s life for the better. “that would be the climax of my career.”

wise beyond his years, klaud believes it’s his responsibility as an artist to bring joy and happiness to others. “art has always considered to be last on a priority list, and my ultimate goal is to be a standup for those things, or at least tell people as much as I can about it. as much as society tells you to be different to fit in, it comes back to embracing what makes you different, the things that you truly believe in.” he even obtained a tattoo on his body that abstractly represents his newfound identity, something that reminds him to remain in the present as it take snapshots of his ever-changing life.

 although the dj has been living in miami since he was 14, he plans on moving to nyc this upcoming december where his management is based. “the opportunities are dead down here, and it’s like a brick around for artists. . . although I’m extremely grateful for the way I’ve been able to develop myself here, at times, miami can be a bit materialistic and superficial.” once he makes it to nyc, he intends on putting a percentage of his profits into starting a charity that helps kids get into the arts.

it’s been known that nyc is oversaturated with starving artists of all avenues, but the optimist plans on ignoring all that. “everything is competitive in life. when you’re passionate about something, you can push through all the way, outworking everything and everyone around you. you need to have the courage to break through what’s expected of you. all you really need to do is focus on yourself, for the rest will just happen.”

even though klaud is getting recognition left and right from people that are quite established in the business, he admits he doesn’t know what he’s doing or where life’s heading, but that this is what makes him fulfilled. he hopes to detach his music from a construct image so that people will focus solely on the sounds playing and not the person behind it. “I know I will see myself change the world through a musical avenue, as an artist, or just by making a soundtrack for people’s lives.” support the artist here on facebook and soundcloud.

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