juan archila never reveled in the boundless world of house music until he visited space in miami as a teenager. feeling the alluring music had opened up a whole new world for him, for he found a style of music that finally captured his attention. after buying a mixer and playing around with his new toy, he never thought that this hobby would slowly turn into a career, where he could fulfill his newfound dream of traveling the world as a dj on tour.

the bogotá native felt that everything started aligning left and right. “the best feeling is having your song that you created in your little studio being played on the dance floor with millions listening to your tune. it’s crazy that something that came out of your imagination is making people dance.” mixing all over miami and having his productions played by top artists at festivals like tomorrowworld has given the spirited artist “natural goosebumps.”

archila concedes that djing is all about adjusting yourself for the right moment and the right crowd. “I want to create good, memorable moments for those people. seeing the people go crazy and having those goosebumps in return is what keeps you going.” without having the chance to go to school, he learned to make music with youtube, constantly eating information and acquiring as much as he can about musical theory.  he’s not the type of dj to categorize himself into a certain genre of artists, but admits that he does prefer playing a drum-based, melodic, groovier style of music.

with so much politics conquering the scene, there’s little room for the main purpose that it’s all about: the music. “the scene has been growing since 7 or 8 years ago when I first visited. it’s to the point where it’s hurting since there’s too much going on. . . there’s more politics in the scene than in our government.” then there’s the whole critical debate of djing digital versus vinyl. in order to be successful, dj’s have to be producers, and in archila’s opinion, it’s not the people or the fans that makes you grow, but the other dj’s. “these artists are the only ones who buy music and play it. it’s a market of dj’s – regular people don’t even need to buy records anymore. it’s all a balance of opportunities in who you meet versus the quality of the product.”

archila raves about production and how he comes up with tunes that came out of his soul. his most recent hit track “made on 420” is on top of the minimal charts on beatport. “I make songs based on just however I feel in that moment. the next album I’m producing incorporates more dub minimal techno with jazz sounds.”2016 is off to a great start for archila, for his newest album simple things and a compilation of bpm album through stereo productions will be released at the end of this month. support the artist and his duo project, break the habit, with nuvega now on facebook and soundcloud.


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