the fierce fashionista ysl is making waves not only as a female dj but as a trendsetter in the fashion world. the miami-bred cuban worked in nightlife all her life, finally utilizing the resources in the industry to make her hobby become a full time job. bumping to 90’s hip hop and r&b and classics like old, soulful disco tracks have allowed ysl to incorporate these vibes into her sets and convey her image as a versatile, sophisticated artist.

she’s been able to seamlessly mix and match her outfits based on her selection of music and type of event. these form of events like fashion shows, swim shows, pool parties, and lounges varies just as much as her selection of shoes from christian louboutin to sophia webster. “I don’t restrict myself to one fashion brand, so I don’t restrict myself to one music style. . . just like in styling, I piece everything together in my music collection to make the perfect playlist for the party.” she especially loves to play at her residency playground of hyde beach, since it’s the “epitome of what miami parties should be” with cold cocktails, bikini bodies, fun in the sun, and tropical tunes.

although it may seem like a dream come true, it’s not always easy representing women in a male-dominated industry. “I’m at a constant challenge with myself. at first, I tried to be the best female dj in miami, but that wasn’t enough. now, I don’t want to be categorized with girls, but be seen as a respectable dj just like all the other guys.” admiring other female artists, the five feet tall chica respects the ladies that have been holding it together in the music industry for a long time now, like eva shaw, kim kat, and kayper. some guys she’s loved sharing stages with in the past have been the e.c. twins and max vangeli, and she would love to work with thomas jack or dj snake in the future.

with hopes of being embraced and accepted outside of miami with the same love and respect, ysl has played in the far-fetched places of sweden and marrakesh, morocco, where some of these places hold a special place in her heart. “there’s so much more to see and do out there in this world. . . it’s easy to get caught up and content playing in your backyard, but I’d love to comfortably let go and take a few months to accept a summer residency overseas.” in this next phase of her career, she is just starting to produce and “hopefully get over this producing hump” that so many musicians face today.

although miami will always be her home, she hopes to be able to jump on a plane, see a city she’s never played before, and  just “kill it internationally” sometime in the future. you can catch the star all over the city and especially find her with her signature hashtag #ispininstilettos. support the artist on facebook and instagram.

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