patrick m

perhaps one of the most seasoned dj’s in miami, patrick m has been carving the “miami sound” since he first moved here from argentina 15 years ago. fully engrossed in the local scene, he exploits all that miami offers by consistently working as a teamplayer, whether that be by uniting with other residents at unique events like “the room” on the online radio show or by supporting new names through his label xima records.

before becoming a dj, patrick m grew up listening to the beatles, bob marley, and local argentinian bands, until he himself joined one as a teenage keyboard player. his older brother became the quintessential guide, showing him the vast array of music that existed in this world. experimenting with different sounds enabled the tech house / house artist to distinguish himself with a signature musical style that “maintains the baseline and keeps the groove going.”

even from its miami vice days, the city has grown with an endless amount of options with places to eat, drink, and party, for you basically have somewhere to go out every night of the week. “within the past 15 years, the scene has changed so much, from the type of people to the crowd and clubs. . . all in a good way.” but after being in this industry for so long, the most difficult part is trying to make everyone happy. “music is about taste. you just can’t please everyone, regardless if you’re in the right place or right crowd or not.”

this year, the space resident dj of 8 years and counting plans on exposing even more fresh, new talent through his label as well as amplifying the old classic crowd that attends the monthly wednesday night party thrown at bardot. support the artist on facebook and soundcloud.

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