the engineer, producer, and dj otherwise known as spinnzinn is a spunky, open-minded musician whose authentic talent is making people dance by taking techno to the next level with his blood, sweat, and tears. growing up in miami and frankfurt, germany, enabled him to experience the best of both worlds and take advantage of what each city had to musically offer.

classically trained on the piano, trumpet, and guitar, the well-rounded zinn opted for a sound that’s high energy, technical, and multi-layered when it comes to his djing style. he specializes in live performances, playing recorded samples from movies and operating his tracks as tools with 4 decks, layering them to make track 1 and track 2 combine smoothly into a new song that somehow creates that mystical “3rd track.” with the goal of making you turn into a dumbfounded dancing fool on the dance floor, he supports the idea that “music is supposed to hug you to the point where you feel every frequency sensually and physically.”

while studying audio and electrical engineering at university of miami, zinn started a radio show segment called “basement sessions” on wvum 90.5 fm. “the name came about from when I lived in germany during my teenage years. my house had a basement where my friends would sneak into my basement and we’d listen and dj all night.” the segment supported up-and-coming local artists and the success of the show is what put him on the map. once he graduated, he vamped it into a live show that started at treehouse and now plays on klangbox live with the goal of making it #qualitytechno. “I don’t care what you do or what you wear. . . I just want you to feel the music.” pushing the best sounds into your ears, zinn wanted to build a community for the myriad type of artists that thrive here. incubation, the next creative project he built focuses on “incubating” local visual and musical artists by nurturing them and conveying their talents to miami. “in a city like this, we’re spoiled in getting the big guys that come here every weekend. there’s this stigma that miami doesn’t care about the local dj’s.” with this monthly show, zinn hopes to break down the barriers that come with living in such a voracious city.

briefly after, he created his own record label called typ3 recordings with partners luke hunter in miami and franccesco cardenas in san francisco. “we always form a triangle no matter where we are. our mission statement is focused on music for the mind and feet, meaning that with techno and psychedelic melodies, we’ll play music that takes your mind to another place while simultaneously making you dance.”

the lucky erudite dj had the opportunity this past summer to join richie hawtin’s enter residency in ibiza that promotes the finest music, sake, and technology into one amazing sensual experience. “he’s probably the most well-rounded individual in the music world, providing just great inspiration for me on how he treats his company like a family.” working with the veteran dj has given him the chance to travel all around the world with his fellow crew.

in his free time, zinn works in audio mastering and builds his own electronics like mixers and synthesizers, dabbing with just about anything that involves music. check out typ3 records and support him on facebook and soundcloud.

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