rafa barrios

renowned for his “super fiesta” type of music, rafa barrios has come to play some of the spiciest, vigorous sounds to people all over the world. the mellow musician started off listening to drum ‘n’ bass as a child and became drawn to the techno scene after maturing within the myriad genres of the electronic music world.
out of all the places he’s performed, rafa loves working in america best. his recent performances at space miami and coco.fm have otherwise proved his authentic lively spirit on stage. there’s no doubt that this commercial city resembles something close to home like the “fresh, summer vibes that are similar to ibiza,” one of the world’s most infamous party islands on earth. in fact, the seville native enjoys playing in his home country more than any of the other european countries, specifically in the cities of ibiza and barcelona, where he holds a residency at pacha.
besides the hassles of traveling in airports and missing out on intimate moments with his family, he holds no regrets when it comes to the lifestyle and career he was given that so many others work hard to achieve. when it comes to his day-to-day life in and out of the “office,” rafa chooses to live by the breezy motto, “no rafa, no party,” which illustrates the type of enertainment he delivers to his newfound and dedicated fans.
as a part of the intec digital, stereo productions, and tronic label family, he continues to spew out high-energy, fun music like a freshly opened bottle of champagne, one that happens to be his drink of choice on and off the decks. at some point this year, you can expect rafa to release “more tech house, techno, and aesthetically pleasing music” on his first album ever. support the spanish star on facebook and soundcloud.

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