darius syrossian

the candid dj and producer, darius syrossian, is a renowned figure in the electronic music scene who’s as real as it gets and holds nothing back when it comes to his opinions on music and where humanity is heading. he’s toured extensively and vigorously in his career, especially throughout the countries of europe, but the seasoned british artist is ready to import his exhilarating tunes and establish a deeper relationship with more visits to the usa.

as a youngster who was one of four boys, darius left the war back in iran and started a new life abroad in manchester. the artist has armenian and iranian roots, so naturally when he came to england, his parents wanted their family to fit in as much as possible. he first listened to indie electronic music driving around with his uncle in iran, but it wasn’t until he heard it in the uk where he knew that this is what he wanted to do with his life. he was so passionate about the music that he worked on the weekends in a local records store and became a manager over the course of 15 years before eventually embarking on his expedition as an internationally acclaimed artist. he held the sunday residency of do not sleep at space ibiza by doing 19 shows in its final year, and his releases have been consistently riding high at the top of the beatport charts. some of his strongest mixes to date include balance presents do not sleep compilation as well as the bbc radio one essential mix.

the avid traveler spends 6 months out of the year in uk and the other 6 months in ibiza, a place that has been slightly tarnished with the influx of everything vip, but with enough underground sound to keep it alive. “there’s only two types of music: good music and bad music. everything is so formulated to fit within a certain genre. it’s frustrating to see how everyone is conditioned to eat in a certain way, drink in a certain way, listen to music in a certain way. . . it’s like we’re all robots.” aside from making or playing music, the man of many passions finds himself to be full of joy when he’s cooking, painting, or playing soccer. in another life, darius imagines that he’d probably be a chef, graphic designer, or illustrator, which he also holds a degree in. the curious figure is a fan of history, attesting that he’d love to “be a fly in the wall and see what it was like during the times of the alexander the great and how the european renaissance happened.”

currently, the hardworking dj and producer is enjoying the journey of where life is taking him, and encourages others to not hold goals or expectations when it comes to their passions and ambitions. “it’s human instinct to always want more and reach a certain stage. do what you enjoy and with people you like and you’ll have a good time.” the straightforward, quick thinker acknowledges that he speaks his mind a lot, but feels that you’re living in a prison if you’re walking on eggshells all the time. “it doesn’t matter what people think. it only matters what you think about how you feel about yourself in your own skin. there’s a saying that ‘it only takes 6 people to carry a coffin,’ meaning that the only thing that matters are the people around you who you can trust and love.”

in this day and age, people can be forced to think in a certain way and identify a distinct genre, but the sincere artist states that he’s just here to make good electronic music by bringing people of all backgrounds together and creating something that connects with the dance floor. “house music is about soul, and techno is about energy. there’s no way that a ‘new’ version of house or dance music can be created, for house music and techno are bigger than all of us and rooted deep into the ground like the stalk of a tree.” regardless of what corner of the earth he’s playing, the fiercely loyal man believes that house music is an international language that’s for everyone around the world.

aside from being a touring dj, the workaholic runs parties as well as the label do not sleep with releases in both digital and vinyl formats. compared to his upbeat tracks on the sankeys 20th anniversary album, darius plans on bringing in more downtempo, breaks, and varied kinds of stuff in his next album, as well as more opportunities to see him perform in the states, starting with the launch of dns in new york in december 2016 for a quarterly residency along with the launch of dns at halcyon in san francisco in march. some upcoming releases of his productions include: andrea oliva’s – jungle party (darius syrossian remix) on kaluki musik; ray okpara – satin curtain (darius syrossian remix) on mobilee; and darius syrossian – unicorn zone ep on 20:20 vision. catch him play locally at treehouse on 15 december, and be sure to support the enthusiastic artist now on soundcloud and facebook.


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