secret cinema

Although Secret Cinema has been in this industry for over a quarter century, the multifaceted Dutch DJ, producer, and owner of Gem Records is continuously learning from his peers. Until this last month, Jeroen Verheij has played everywhere around the world except for North America, but has come to celebrate his anniversary in the business with the special release of “Silver Box,” a compilation of his entire discography of 25 years in music and documentary of his career.

The people that book Secret Cinema really need to investigate who he is since he’s not on billboards or advertised as dramatically as other artists. Having come from a time where no one thought techno was music, he finds that there’s a perpetual need to reinvent himself all the time. “Sometimes I hear a certain type of music and think it’s bringing a new edge to electronic music, but I let things happen in a more natural way and collaborate with others if I think it’s within reach.” By finding new talent through his highly respected booking agency and having younger artists around him, Jeroen discloses that it keeps him fresh since they can teach him what he doesn’t know, while in return, he can mentor and guide them with what he has already learned through experience. Even if he did rocket launch these newcomers into a certain career, he also benefits from it.

Although there are no words or melody, Jeroen believes that you can still hear talent through techno. In fact, he discovered artists like Egbert and Enrico Sangiuliano before their big breakthrough. Regardless of who you are or what you do, there are always true friends that are meant to come into your path at a certain flow and time in your life. The dreamer and “super pisces” veteran artist has always worked alone, but finds that synergistic energy in creating magic in an album with another person is a rarity that shouldn’t be taken for granted. “You’ll never grow if you don’t surround yourself with new people and new ideas.”

Happy with the way everything has gone over the past 25 years, Jeroen has noticed that the most humble, laidback musicians in the industry are those in the techno world. “It’s easy to lose yourself if you grow into having all the luxuries, but I’d rather have taste than all the money in the world.” If he had a chance, the grateful artist wouldn’t start all over or change a thing. “I really love the time we are in. I cannot deny it. In which era of time could you fly around the whole world or play a note on the piano on a laptop?” For the younger generation or anyone looking to find their purpose in life, Jeroen has some words for you: “drop your television, play your video games, watch beautiful movies, and create art with the people around you. If you live your life truly and honestly, happiness will come and find you.” Support the techno guru on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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