Immersed in the electronic music scene for almost half his life now, Anthony Cardinale, who goes by the moniker Avision, is a tenacious DJ and producer who has thrived amongst the saturated sea of aspiring producers. The pragmatic figure has released on reputable labels like Ellum, Drumcode, Paco Osuna’s Mindshake, Carl Cox’s Intec, and Victor Calderone’s Matter+ with his addictive tech-house and techno tracks, and his innovative approach in productions has enabled him to meet and network with legendary musicians, travel to perform around the world, and evolve even further as a prosperous modern artist.

The humble soul hailed from a clan of musically inclined family members, such as his father who played in a wedding band, and his cousin Victor Calderone, a prominent DJ and producer with decades of experience in this relentless industry. Picking up on music early on, he started playing drums around 3-4 years of age and performing in clubs by 15-16 years old. As a big Yankee fan, the native New Yorker dreamed of being the next Derek Jeter while growing up, but his Dad always told him that music would take him further. He expresses how “it’s a dime a dozen now in the music industry, and it’s important to be different and know your craft as much as you can since that’s what’s going to give you more longevity.” Regardless of what any aspiring artist strives to be or do, Anthony’s a firm believer that “things will work out for you if you’re humble, creative, and work hard.”

After seeing and reflecting back on how everyone created their own start in this business, Avision believes that “it all starts as a hobby since no one’s going to take you seriously until you get paid,” for he especially respects artists who persevere to the fullest like Kanye West with his determination, boldness, and unparalleled skills. The cultivated character has grown tremendously since first playing in New Jersey clubs to now having legends like Carl Cox play his alluring tracks at gigs and renowned festivals. “Meeting Carl was the first time I’ve ever gotten starstruck. It’s so cool to have him play my music and see someone at that level carry himself that way, so down-to-earth and so real. It’s so refreshing to meet artists like that who promote good energy and good vibes.”

With the new shift of a decade into 2020, Anthony anticipates to see some refreshing changes and predicts there will be a restored wave of music that reverts back to previous eras. Even in the past decade, it’s outlandish to see how much of the culture has changed where no one knows how to go to a club anymore since part of the reason is that phones have been taking away from the nightlife experience. “It’s all about festivals now, and no one knows how to hear a DJ for 4 to 5 hours at a time. When you hear a different DJ spin every hour, the tracks are all the same, the emotions are lacking, and that’s what it should not be about. . . the experience should encompass the whole night instead of just the hour.” Now that he’s been engaged in the scene for some time, he’s started to alter his online appearance to that of a more liberating, personal approach. The outspoken individual started a monthly online journal of his personal life, the ups and downs of traveling, and everything going on business-wise with the hopes of eventually turning it into something bigger like a blog. “I lay it out there and show that it’s not always glamorous. No one ever talks about the ‘before it happened’ or what to it took to get to their level of where they are now.” 

Lately, he has been working a lot with Maceo Plex and also has upcoming music endeavors that he cannot share publically just yet but is confident that it’ll set him up in the next few years. Aside from that, he hopes “to inspire others to make music they like and to keep pushing forward. Smile, laugh, have fun, and enjoy the ride – that’s what life’s all about.” Support the talented, laidback artist now on Facebook and Beatport.


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