As a former international music writer and content creator, Elif has become one of the most admired DJs and producers since starting her career in this field about 5 years ago. The natural beauty is gifted in her versatile style, for her melodic techno and house tracks have been released on labels like Anjunadeep, Still Vor Talent, Kindisch, A Tribe Called Kotori, and more. While Turkey has been quite strict with lockdown when she left for tour, it’s been super refreshing for the native Turk to feel pure freedom here on the other side of the world. Although her perception of time has been totally off since 2020, she took advantage of this period in lockdown to produce and be creative in her own ways.

During lockdown, Elif became much more comfortable with music theory and production software. “It wasn’t easy coming up with track ideas since I was home all day, so now, it’s the perfect time to be influenced. Being on the road is where you have all these inspirations, and when you’re inspired, your work becomes much more fulfilling.” The flourishing artist has been approached by labels to send them tracks whereas the majority of others usually have to contact labels themselves. It’s a process that makes her more mindful to shape her sparkling sound to that particular brand’s. “I appreciate people who ask me for music because it means they want to support womxn, and I see this as a possibility to get better and better each day. It’s important for keep getting better and inspire other people to do anything they want, so I want to use this opportunity in the best way.” The optimistic artist is very grateful for the people who support her who she also looks up to like Oliver Koletzki and Damian Lazarus. One of the reasons she started to DJ was watching some of her inspirations perform like BLOND:ISH or Mira, who she now has been able to get career advice from and be on the same lineup. If there was anyone she’d love to connect and work with, it would be the renowned German techno DJ and producer, Dixon.

The free-spirited soul has performed on the corners of the earth in numerous types of settings and continuously strives to grow as a person in all different ways. After transitioning into this project, Elif admits to still learning and adjusting to living this lifestyle. The honest, raw performer notes how there’s a sharp contrast between getting these incredibly high moments and feeling loved by the crowd and then being all alone after coming back on tour, such as in her hotel room or at the airport. The down-to-earth musician realizes that “one of the most difficult things is to stay emotionally grounded since you’re always chasing the next emotional high.” Despite the fact that she’s a yogi and regular meditator, sometimes those things aren’t enough alone. “I have to be really aware and conscious of what I’m doing, what I’m consuming on social media, who I’m talking to… toxic people can put negative thoughts in your head. You know how when you have a good immune system, you can fight any infection that comes your way? Well, I think we also have ’emotional immunity.’ If you have low emotional immunity and if there’s something you wanted to happen that didn’t happen, you can be really susceptible to negative thinking and anxiety.” She tries to stay as grounded as possible and keep her emotional immunity as strong as possible.

While some people despise social media, Elif uses it as a tool to her advantage to build connections, share her story, and use it as a platform to connect with her fans and other artists. “I’m a person who has feelings and ambitions and is doing something that is interesting to many people, so I want to share my life including the moments of despair and appreciation. It’s up to you on how you want to use it, and the way to compete with this is not getting yourself a bunch of fake followers.”

In the upcoming months, she intends to spend the fall in Europe and return to North America. “I’m enjoying where I am right now in this journey without thinking about the next step. When I go to smaller cities or territories to play a show, the people who come to listen to an artist like myself do their groundwork and have an understanding of music so you’ve got to step it up. It’s a special place to be and I don’t know if it’s going to be forever or change, but I love becoming friends with people on the dance floor in these intimate venues.” Nevertheless, she looks forward to going back home to Istanbul in the next few weeks and start working in her newly upgraded studio. Support the sweet, brilliant artist now on Beatport and Instagram and be on the lookout for her latest track ‘Juno’ that will be dropped on Stil vor Talent’s anniversary compilation on September 3rd.

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