The prolific DJ and producer Wehbba is a veteran Brazilian artist who’s recognized for spicing up universal dancefloors with his profound techno productions. As a young adult in Sao Paulo in the early 2000’s, Rodolfo Wehba began to produce freely in his spare time without any constraints or pressure, which allowed him to find his effervescent sound, authentic persona, and charismatic voice in the electronic music industry. Since then, he’s continued to refine his craft and publish three full-length albums with myriad tracks also released on renowned labels like Drumcode, Bedrock Records, Knee Deep in Sound, and more.

Over the past 15 years in this industry, the Barcelona-based musician admits that some unexpected challenges that have come about are accepting and getting used to social media as well as maintaining stamina between touring and producing. “I’m definitely not against social media, but the way it has become more important than the actual music as a way to engage with the audience really did my head in. Now that touring has started again, it’s been strenuous to balance traveling with studio time while keeping my energy levels high enough to deliver both fronts without compromise.” While reflecting back, he feels that the ’90s were a decade full of nostalgia, for it was a time of grunge and electronic music that sparked him the most with its principles of respect, openness, and compassion. “I felt free and welcomed in the scene when I started going to raves and parties in the late ’90s, but over the years it felt less and less inclusive either due to being more involved in it or because of how it has evolved to the magnitude of today. There was so much diversity back then, it just felt as if every scene had more freedom, but I hope we can keep moving in the right direction.”

Now that life is slowly picking up again in this current state of affairs, Wehbba has realized and learned that he can deal with extremely difficult situations a lot better than he thought, for “nothing matters more than sharing your life with people you love.” Over the past few months, he’s created several remixes including one with his studio partner ANNA for Marc Romboy and Stephan Bodzin’s classic tune, “Ferdinand,” which has recently come out on Marc’s label, Systematic Recordings. In the upcoming year, he plans to develop and tour with his Live Station concept, which is a 100% hardware-based live show. Support the driven artist now on Instagram and Beatport.

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