joyce muniz

Over the last two decades, the acclaimed Brazilian-Austrian artist Joyce Muniz has constantly been reinventing herself within her rhythmic style of sound and aesthetic approach to music, for her distinguished productions have been released on a wide variety of illustrious labels like Desert Heart Records, Exploited, Get Physical, and more. Based between Vienna and Berlin, the devoted singer, DJ, and producer continues to amaze music lovers with her versatile productions of techno and house tracks that range from acid, disco, and techy to deep and Afro.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, she’s taken advantage of the time to learn how to cut/edit videos, produce livestreams, intrepret audiobooks, synchronize movies, and grow closer to her family, which is a beauty in itself since her brothers became her best friends during this period. Being in isolation also enabled her to “learn how to be more patient and wait for things to happen naturally with less pressure,” which has not only alleviated her anxiety, but also helped her feel more connected to herself in distinct ways.

It’s surreal for anyone to see how much the electronic music industry has evolved in both beneficial and unfavorable ways, especially with the rise of social media. Even so, Joyce shares that she sometimes wishes she could go back to the ’90’s and play only records. “The music and art itself have become less important in the last few years since social media has taken over our lives. Nowadays, anyone can be a DJ and a star if they have great pictures on their Instagram.” The esteemed musician expresses how music doesn’t feel timeless anymore, for “people can make a track in a few months but it’ll soon be forgotten. The market is definitely saturated with good stuff but also with a bunch of unnecessary things.”

After several years away from her birthplace, she is more than ecstatic to travel back to Brazil in the next few weeks to perform and see her family. Check out her latest EP Flashes on the Floor on Pets Recordings and for her second album that will be released in the upcoming year. Support the fierce LGBTQIA+ artist now on Instagram and Beatport.

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