yulia niko

The fearless Russian DJ and producer Yulia Niko is making a remarkable impression in the house and techno scene with her fiery tracks and playful, exhilarating sets. The spirited character has explored and lived in different parts of the world including NYC and now Berlin, one of the techno havens of Europe, where she continues to create and thrive as an accomplished female artist.

Growing up in a small town in Russia, Yulia became enamored with techno as she discovered records in a local record shop as a teenager. She found it challenging to order exceptional techno records and entertain the crowd at local clubs since everyone loved mainstream pop music at the time. After relocating to Brooklyn, she improved her techniques from notable DJs and producers and started to educate herself with tracks from all eras though especially from the 90’s, which sounded so “good, fresh, and classic.” Some of her accolades in the past few years include setting up her first record label called TochnoTechno that embodies vinyl-only minimal techno, and starting a fresh label project, Libe Vibe, to support talented young artists and spread good vibes with their productions.

Despite feeling like just another DJ, Yulia hopes that her distinct productions, which have been released on renowned labels like Get Physical Music and Crosstown Rebels, can be a classic one day. “I’ve received feedback that my music sounds good but feels like it’s from the future. It might be too good to be appreciated now, but people may enjoy it more in 5 years.” Regardless of wherever she is and whenever she plays an exceptionally good set, the bustling performer cherishes those sensual moments as she gets goosebumps, perceives the pure connections amongst people in the crowd, and loves to “feel the magic in the air with everything falling into place.”

In the past year of quarantine, the appreciative soul acknowledges her dream job but feels that the time off helped her recharge and learn to play new instruments like the piano and drums, for it’s been her dream to do a live performance one day. She reveals that “you don’t need a whole band and can create that electrifying sound and connection with just 1 instrument.” To all those vying to make it in whatever artistic field they’re in, Yulia encourages those to not give up and is a believer “that if you’re talented and special, there’s always room for you in this ever-growing world.”

One personal notion the nature lover embodies in her life and behind the DJ booth is “a free of plastic” lifestyle, which is her way of giving back to the world. “This is the first time where I feel like everything is coming together and easier for me. I’m not stressing about producing or mixing because it comes so much more naturally now. I want to kill it this year!” After touring, she hopes to take electric guitar lessons and visit her mother in Russia. You can catch her next in Miami on 10/29 at The Wynwood Factory and support the alluring, bold artist now on Instagram and Beatport.

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