fur coat

The seasoned Venezuelan DJ and producer, Sergio Muñoz, continues to flourish with hope and ambition to deliver exhilarating melodic house and techno to people around the world. The past year has been a season of change and fresh beginnings, for he ventured onto a distinct path and started going solo in January 2021 with the project Fur Coat, which was originally formed as a duo in 2010.

Sergio notes that he’s been behind the sound of Fur Coat and head of his label Oddity for the past 2 years, so it only made sense to progress in a different direction. “Over the past few years, I’ve been expressing myself more, maturing my music, and producing new complex sounds. Creativity is my outlet so if there’s anything I’ve learned in this past year during quarantine, it’s to keep creating daily. The inspiration is always there when you draw it from your past experiences in traveling, meeting people in unfamiliar places, and discovering other cultures.” While some artists have struggled mentally, financially, or inspirationally, the humble musician is grateful to focus on his label, support other gifted artists, and endure on a path of artistry. “It’s sad that many promoters, clubs, and artists are affected and won’t survive, but I’m a big believer that from all bad situations, good things can come about. Whether you’re the one in the crowd or DJ behind the decks, you can never take things for granted.”

Something on his bucket list that he was able to achieve this summer was performing with an orchestra, which he did at Gashouder with the Hunkering party in Amsterdam by reworking two of his original tracks, Ethereal and Ancient Stories in this special performance. After a long hiatus, he’s looking forward to going back in September to the U.S., especially Miami since he sees as it one of his second homes given his many friends who live there. Support the Barcelona-based musician now on Beatport and Instagram.

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