simon doty

An emerging, brilliant artist in the electronic music scene, Simon Doty is a Canadian DJ and producer known for his ethereal melodic beats with releases on a wide array of prestigious labels like Anjunadeep, Knee Deep in Sound, Realm, and more. In addition to touring, exciting projects are coming this year for the down-to-earth character including alluring track releases and the launch of his anticipated new label RECESS, which will be out in May.

Hailing from a musical background, he grew up playing the trumpet, piano, and guitar in the school band, and had a various range of influences especially with ’90s dance music that has geared him toward DJing and producing. Simon expresses how in this ambitious scene, he aspires to be known for his versatility and vast assortment of musical genres including house, progressive, techno, and downtempo. “I’m a bit more ‘old school.’ A lot more DJs that I love from that ’90s era play a huge range. When you come to a show, you’ll hear something different and not the same thing every single time.” With this mentality, the accomplished figure demonstrates how his multidimensional mixes will surely transport you on a journey to experience different emotions throughout the night on a wave of airiness and fervor.

If ever given the opportunity to speak to his younger self or older self in a simulated world, he’d love to speak to the former. “It’d be interesting to see how much I’ve grown, how my outlook has changed, and see what things have stayed the same.” He also reflects on how it’s been kind of nice to reset and remember what’s relevant to life since the pandemic began 2 years ago. “Our priorities have changed a bit. We can get super focused on this whole world of DJ stuff, but family and friendships are the most important and nothing can come before that.”

Appreciative of his surreal career, Simon emphasizes how “it’s always super important to be real and authentic whatever that may be” and feels blessed to be able to reunite with friends in the industry at Miami Music Week after a lengthy time. Check out his latest EP “Dreamscape” released on April 1st on Nora En Pure‘s Purified Imprint and be sure to support the talented, humble artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

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