nora en pure

As a prominent female DJ and producer in a male-dominated industry, Nora en Pure is a rarity who embodies the natural beauty of her surroundings through her uplifting, warm tracks. The South African-Swiss native is an esteemed musician who lets the music speak for itself: dreamy, raw, and natural.

Daniela, who goes by the pseudonym Nora en Pure, is a perseverant, humble musician who utilizes the elements of nature and wildlife into her music that can transport any listener to another world. 4 years ago, she launched monthly mixes that turned into a weekly project, and this week, her show Purified on SiriusXM Chill will be releasing its 100th episode. She features a wide variety of artists, some of which include the Anjunadeep camp like Enamour and Ben Böhmer, and more well-known names like Eli & Fur. One group she’d love to collaborate with in the future is with Disclosure. “They have a very distinct funk in their sound, and I think it would be so cool to hear our sounds combined.”

A huge contrast from performing and traveling in cramped quarters of an airport and plane, she balances her personal life from her work life by exploring nature and enjoying the outdoors, especially when she’s back home in the Swiss countryside. It is here in the midst of all this vivid landscape that’s away from the traffic and noise where she finds the harmony and inspiration for her deep tunes. If there’s any era she could visit, it would be in the late 1800’s when cars when were just being invented. “It was way more elegant back then and things had more meaning and value than they do today. Imagine you could go to places where you would be the first person to see and touch the ground. Nowadays, most places have a mark left on them by mankind or have been exploited for tourism. Today, everything seems to revolve around taking pictures and looking a certain way, so for a personal life, that era would be really nice!” This corresponds to how she strives to live her life, by living in the now. “Even if you live until you’re 80 or 90, you’ll never get this time that is now back.”

Regardless of where life takes her, Daniela aspires to continue doing creative work and touring, as long as it makes her happy. “One thing that makes it hard to determine what the future holds for you is that you’ll never know if your music will resonate with people the way that you want it to, and if they’ll like it or not.” It’s difficult to know where the music will go, but ultimately, it’s up to the people who decide whether you go further or not. She plans on touring the rest of summer, and releasing her EP this fall with new sounds that take it a bit further and deeper than the summer sounds. Support the queen of “chill” on Facebook and Instagram, and tune in to her weekly segment Purified on Saturdays at 10pm EST on SiriusXM Chill.


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