plastik funk

With a fruitful career spanning over 2 decades, Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo, who goes by the stage name Plastik Funk, is a Spanish DJ and producer who’s established in the worldwide electronic music scene for his “feel-good house music with an added dose of funk.” The bright character continues to make bold moves, for he was recently the first international artist to be granted permission to tour Vietnam post-pandemic and comes off fresh from performing at Formula 1 weekend in Miami this past month.

In the interim of the past two years, he’s spent his time creating new music, starting a clothing line, and trusting the process of the journey in what’s next to come. “Thankfully, my fans have continued to support me throughout what has been a tough time for everyone, in and out of the music industry, so being able to collaborate and work on music during this time was a positive to take from the situation.” Rafael has been based in Germany for quite some time and relays how he especially loves the diversity of the music scene in the country. “It has one of the best clubbing scenes in Europe, especially in cities like Berlin where techno, house, big-room, and other counter-culture genres can really thrive. There is a space of acceptance for everyone.” With his optimism and good energy, he utilizes his social media outlets to convey his positivity while also being upfront with his personal and professional life. “Whether it’s from my shows to how I’m spending time on the road or working out back in Germany and Ibiza, I want to take my fans along with me and welcome them into my world.”

Since joining this field about 20 years ago, he’s found that “learning to adapt and grow within the scene is not a ‘challenge’ but something that every artist goes through.” Rafael is a firm believer that no matter how much an artist has developed and grown throughout the years, it’s important to stay authentic with the music you make. If there’s anything he hopes to see changed, it’s more gender equality in line-ups. The animated performer expresses how “there are so many world-class female producers, from NERVO to Charlotte De Witte, Tigerlily to Amelie Lens and Alison Wonderland; every genre has representation, so to see these females and festival line-ups have fair gender splits is super important.” 

In addition to feeling fortunate to be able to play at the first-ever F1 event in the city alongside some huge names like Calvin Harris this season, he was able to see some F1 showcases and catch up with old friends, which is always a blessing. “The music and the thrill of F1 go hand-in-hand and to see everyone having such a great time and making a big trip out of it shows Miami parties like nowhere else! The whole vibe of Miami is electric.” Feeling super hopeful for the summer and beyond, Plastik Funk is excited to be able to perform back to the rate all artists were over 2 years ago. Be on the lookout for brand new music including the new track “Say Goodbye” coming to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings this June, and support the lighthearted artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

photo diary of F1 weekend in Miami

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