andres campo

In a paradoxical world of dark and dirty techno, Andres Campo is a vibrant soul who emanates laughter and positivity and doesn’t like to take life all that seriously. Having released on several prominent labels like Filth on Acid, Tronic, and Odd Recordings, the Spanish DJ and producer expands his career evermore this year with the release of several fresh tracks and the co-creation of the new sub-label EI8HT Records with his long-time friend, Dan from Eats Everything.

The Barcelona-based artist reveres his hometown, for it’s “a city filled with culture, good food, sunshine, and a very strong music scene that holds a special place in many people’s hearts.” With similar sentiments as other artists locked down in their homes, Andres realized that finding a way to inspire oneself whilst in a darker place for an unknown length of time is not easy. That said, it was ironically the only time in years that he managed to find the time and opportunity to be in the studio. “Being on the road brings its own challenges like sleep deprivation, travel delays, and lack of family contact, but I am enjoying being back. I try to ensure I still have time to focus on my goals and other massively important things in life too, not just my career.”

Given that priorities have shifted over the years from talent and authenticity to social media and robust marketing numbers, it can be challenging for lesser-known artists to find a space in this industry. “Once upon a time, we all started here [at the bottom.] We all need to get back to recognizing pure talent without looking at gender, race, trends, followers, and social media appearances.” As he cruises through the highs and lows of the volatile industry and what it entails, he acknowledges that his best assets are staying true to himself, for he’s “at peace with his strengths and weaknesses.”

Andres helped forge EI8HT Records without the intent of any rules, sounds, or styles in mind, and rather defines it as “proper jacking techno ruled by two bastards.” For now, he plans to only have Dan and himself release fun, crazy tracks on the label as their form of creative and limitless expression. In the past year, he’s appreciated seeing how happy and full of vitality people are and hopes that this endures in the delicate moments to come. Be sure to check him out at his favorite festival Monegros this summer and support the altruistic artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

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