deer jade

Jade de Lavareille is a Swiss-French DJ and producer who’s known for creating a sense of community, adventure, and magical ambiance in her airy, refined sets. Her vast travel experiences and spiritual encounters have enabled her to immerse and establish herself in the electronic music world as an animated artist who is growing and shining in an ever-expanding field.

The former model ventured to the DJing world at the age of 21 under the stage name Deer Jade where she’s discovered since then how to navigate the scene, “focus on quality over quantity and deliver the most authentic message possible.” The bubbly soul especially thrives in the Tulum and Ibiza scene with her organic house and melodic techno sets and portrays herself as “someone sharing a positive and hopefully inspiring message” through her sets and on social media. Within this scene, she hopes to be known for being someone who demonstrates that we can live a life where competition simply doesn’t exist. “It is a reality only at a certain frequency of thoughts, which we can transcend. When we are sharing our unique talent and gift with the purest intention of bringing joy and lifting all souls, there is no such thing as competition. Because there truly is only one common goal, raising the collective consciousness. If someone is doing anything better than us, then it’s amazing and actually better for all of us.”

There’s no doubt that every person has an individual journey in life to traverse on their path to enlightenment. For Jade, exploring spirituality has affected her musical journey, for both have grown beautifully hand in hand. “The moment I chose to dedicate myself fully to the music and follow my heart, I felt an even greater acceleration of mystical revelations. Learning how to mix felt like learning how to be truly alive too and how to be fully immersed in the present moment.” She also highlights how discovering more about the spiritual path has taught her so much about music by “uncovering mysteries of the universe by exploring sound.”

The bohemian character lives a wholesome lifestyle as a vegan, teetotal, and meditator who appreciates nature and all that the universe has to offer. As the ambassador of several different environmental foundations, she really wishes to see fully climate-neutral and sustainable events. “The music and entertainment industry can no longer be a synonym for pollution. We need to all be a part of the change and take immediate action! There are so many Earth-friendly solutions and wonderful initiatives now that it really gives me faith we are going in the right direction!”

If she could ever travel through time, it’d be with her older self so that she can gain some extra wisdom from all these years being alive. The free-spirited star is incredibly excited for the upcoming months with many exciting bookings on the horizon for the summer festival season, which seems will finally be able to happen in full force without restrictions. Stay tuned for fresh new music including her next release “Intergalactic Tango” with Vander and featuring Mâhfoud which will be out on June 3rd on The Gardens of Babylon. Support the refreshing artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

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