A leading innovative artist in Europe and beyond, Fraser Stuart is a Scottish DJ and producer established in the techno scene for his deliciously hypnotic sounds and warehouse rave vibes. In addition to releasing music on prestigious labels like Exhale, Crisis of Man, and Odd Recordings, the earnest character has also refined his robust portfolio with the creation of his own imprint label Elementra Records and clothing line OVOSI, and continues to dazzle listeners with fresh themes and state-of-the-art projects.

As a teenager, the curious soul became inspired by a trip to Ibiza and soon thereafter veered from electro house to techno. Since then, he’s become a global ambassador for the intense, enigmatic genre under the moniker with endless touring and worldwide recognition. Despite the Lanarkshire native seeing a TikTok and Soundcloud influence on the hard vocal techno in his homeland, there are still a lot of people traversing down the more underground route. He ultimately believes that “commercial techno will get more commercial and the cooler stuff will stay very intimate,” yet what can be challenging in this career is “that you need to be hyped in many different countries, which is really hard to achieve without making commercially-hyped music!” Nevertheless, hopes to be known and remembered in this scene for “his creative input and pushing boundaries within the techno genre, since there’s so much creativity that gets overlooked by people who are looking for quick success.”

Over the past few years, he’s learned to “be patient, spend more time studying your sound, and not take anything for granted.” If ever given the opportunity to roam through time, he’d love to spend a day with his older self when life is a little less stressful but also with his younger self so that he can still handle a 3-day party. You can expect him in the upcoming year to continue pursuing new projects, such as his arena event at The Hydro in Glasgow later on this year which will be his biggest yet. He also recently launched a futuristic visual show concept called TRANSPARENCY that will be trialed around tours in Europe this summer and is hopeful it will come to the U.S. soon. Be sure to support the ambitious artist on Beatport and Instagram.

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