hector moralez

Infused with bits of Latin, jazz, hip hop, funk, and soul, Hector Moralez’s sound has shaped the electronic music world with his groovy tunes, upbeat vibes, and dynamic tracks. The skilled DJ-producer’s efficient approach and timeless innovations have led him to become an original character in the house music scene who is admired and respected all over.

Growing up in Oakland, California, he reflects on how his musical education came from myriad sources by going to raves in the early ’90s in San Francisco and listening to various kinds of music with his parents like disco, salsa, cumbia, and rhythm & blues. Now that he’s been in this business for over 2 decades, Hector has appreciated how his sound has evolved to become more minimal and simplistic than before, which makes it “more raw but effective” and gives it a “simple but dope” feel. What’s been debilitating nowadays is understanding and realizing that music doesn’t matter as much as having a strong social media presence. “It’s hard to accept that it’s not about being a good DJ or producer anymore. Being told to jump around on stage and put my hands in the air when I perform is frustrating because it’s uncomfortable to force an act. Having to share so much online, when by nature I’m a private person, is probably the most challenging.” He misses and reminisces on just “being in the moment and enjoying the vibe of the music” without having to feel like you need to take out your phone to record it to prove it happened. Over time, the diligent artist also wishes to see the music scene “accept people of color up on stage and at the table.” 

Over the past few frenzied years, Hector has learned “that life is temporary and fragile while family and health are crucial.” He became a father during the pandemic which was a different experience altogether because he had the privilege of being isolated at home with his child. “I was focused on adjusting while the world shut down. I see the blessing in that and am grateful that if it needed to happen, it happened then and not before or after the pandemic. It was perfect timing having her come into this world during the Covid fiasco.” The California native relocated to Arizona in 2019 and is “100% loving life” there. Although the scene in the Bay area is constantly evolving and thriving, he has no plans to go back to California anytime soon but perhaps back to Europe in the future. 

Within the next few years, he hopes to continue releasing music, traveling, and enjoying being a father. When it comes to the current affairs of the world, “I’m not so much the political type or someone who’s opinionated about everything per se but I do hope for a better world. We are in much need of love and resources and lacking in that department in so many ways. I truly hope for everyone to have unity, peace, and a healthy life filled with love!” Check out his latest single “Alma” on RVDIOVCTIVE’s new VA compilation and support the dedicated artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

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