michael canitrot

The French DJ and electronic music producer, Michael Canitrot, is breaking barriers as a cosmopolitan artist, for he recently assembled the Monumental Tour project, which is a concert that combines electronic music, heritage, and digital art that all takes place in iconic monuments. Within the endless genres of electronic music, his sound usually drifts among deep-house, progressive and melodic techno. As a history and architecture aficionado, Michael intends to bring foreigners to these historic places while raising awareness of the importance of preserving heritage for future generations.

The native Parisian finds his hometown to be unique and also one of the greatest sources of inspiration for himself and other artists alike. “For me, Paris is the city of art, culture, and fashion. You can go to a lot of cultural events and meet exciting people from all over the world, especially if you’re an artist.” The cultivated character emphasizes how “there is something for everyone,” for the nightlife ranges from VIP venues to jazz clubs and underground techno clubs. After a rather difficult time over the past few years, Michael missed the public a lot but revitalized himself and took the time to create things that he could not have done before due to all of the extensive traveling and touring. He expresses how he tries to illustrate his music as a compelling experience that combines light, sound, architecture, and energy of a local site. “With all this time off to think, I was able to renew myself even more and explore new directions within my music. In a way, this period has been very creative, and I’m happy to now be able to share all these contemporary ideas with the world.”

He generally imagined having his state-of-the-art project function as a collaborative platform for artistic exchange, such as with a classical musician, an opera singer, or an artist from a distant culture. If there was an opportunity to collaborate with any artist, it’d be Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine since “she has a deep, powerful and mystical voice, and it would be great to work with her on a track and perform in a monument!” Nevertheless, the seasoned musician aspires to “take people on a multisensory journey, play music in a place full of history with a unique visual scenography, and give people unique memories that they will never forget.” Be sure to experience the power of the Monumental Tour live and support the accomplished artist now on Beatport and Instagram.

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