Entrenched in the electronic music industry for over 20 years, Anthony and Luca are an Ibiza-based duo known as Audiofly who’ve released music on exceptional labels like Klassified, Sol Selectas, Toolroom, Crosstown Rebels, and more. With the beginning of the new year, they’ll both be embarking on a fresh chapter of their lives as they go their separate ways to prioritize their health and focus on new solo careers. Reflecting back on the past two decades, they hope that their legacy endures with their timeless music, vibrant energy, and exceptional storytelling DJ sets wherever they went.

From the start of their joint careers, they’ve been revered for their brilliant musical direction. Anthony’s unconventional beats combined with Luca’s uplifting house sounds ultimately created their avant-garde sound, and both complemented each other so well like the “yin and yang” of house music. Amidst the myriad unforgettable moments over the years, there are a few places that come to mind for Luca like “working in the Atacama desert with Patrice Baumel, playing in Iceland last year and watching the Northern Lights come alive, and performing in Brazil at the top of Sugarloaf mountain.” Anthony describes how he “really loved discovering the world for the first time” and meeting his “global family along the way.” During their earlier adolescent days and “before social media became toxic, music had flowed freely and we didn’t really care about what people thought.”

In this next chapter, Anthony aspires to continue challenging himself in the studio and behind the decks. “I’ve been around the block a few times now, and I want to find out what I might become if I ‘throw caution to the wind’ and freestyle. What kind of dance music will unfold and what music will I be freer to express on the dancefloor that I couldn’t when I was part of a mixed formula? Regardless of what happens, I’m excited to step out into the darkness and see what happens.” Luca also desires to “create a continuation of the Audiofly legacy” they will both leave behind, but add a few personal touches that will allow his reformed project to flourish in the scene.

During the midst of the pandemic, the boys have discovered a lot about themselves and the future direction of their careers, especially Anthony. “I learned that I was part of the rat race that I hadn’t signed up for! It’s funny, but no real musicians signed up to be a part of the capitalist paradigm. You just want to make enough to be happy and keep doing what you’re doing, but as you become more established, you feel that you need more, have to earn more, and need to immerse yourself competitively and become part of the social media game. I didn’t realize it until lockdown when everything switched off for a second, and when everything came back on, my job suddenly started giving me anxiety and I realized I had been choosing ‘the man’ over ‘the music.'”

If given the chance to spend a day with their younger or older selves in an alternate universe, each had their own particular take on the question. “I’d rather spend a day with my adolescent self without any restrictions or barriers,” explained Anthony. “When you’re young, you’re full of magic and don’t really have a purpose. Adolescence is a time full of possibilities but no direction, and adults are full of direction and power but often lose the magical qualities that you have when you’re younger.” Luca boldly replied how he would choose both – “my younger self to show a few tricks so that he would have a better life and my older one to see if he had listened!”

In preparation for the upcoming year, Anthony reveals that he’s working on two new lives. “One is dance and the other is kind of a leftfield psychedelic which comes with a whole visual story that I’ve been putting together for the last year. One is more for the dancefloor while the other is more introspective that makes you take a deeper look inside yourself.” Luca is working on some music at the moment that he’ll be presenting soon as part of his new solo project. “We’re a bit sad about the end of one of the most important chapters of our lives but extremely excited about the future.” In the meantime, support the influential duo on Instagram and reflect back on their innovative music on Beatport.

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