dj cassinelli

dj cassinelli first started listening to minimal and techno in his earlier djing days, but finally found his niche in what he calls “sexy, deep, chill vibes,” which makes sense considering he’s a resident dj at the standard hotel in miami beach, the perfect environment for “mellow, organic people” that suit the music. playing in that atmosphere with downtempo can be especially liberating because “you can go on a journey that’s non-repetitive, unlike techno.”

cassinelli moved to miami from peru when he was 17, thanks in part to watching miami vice as a kid. the city intrigued him and since then, he’s loved it, but has found that there’s not enough support for the local artists. “clubs pay thousands of dollars to bring in a dj from berlin, which is fine, but they need to pay more attention to the locals. . . there’s a lot of undiscovered talent here.” he also admits that making your sound different and with raw emotion is the only way you’re going to make it. “it’s inspiring to have musicians that transmit love through their music. even if they’re not my taste, I can find myself going on a journey in their set. I want to get high with the music – not literally high with drugs.” some of his greatest musical influences include nu, chris schwarzwälder, and mira.

residing in peru has also swayed dj cassinelli into living and breathing “organically,” which has crossed into all parts of his life, including his choice of music. having played in the culturally rich cities of lima, tokyo, and new york city has enabled him to soak in the local customs and music scenes. experiencing the diverse cultures and feeling the vibes of different cities has given him an irresistible love for traveling, which has resulted in him feeling more alive and in love with music. in fact, the organic sounds from his peruvian roots mixed with other cosmopolitan sounds from various cultures have allowed him to finally discover his own special sound, a “world sound.”

on the side, he experiments with jewelry and sells these chawa stones on etsy and instagram. “chawa” means “raw” in quechua, the language of the indigenous people who live among some countries like peru, bolivia, ecuador, and other regions in south america. “these crystals, which are connected to everything, have energy and transmit frequency. similar to the natural vibes you feel with music, these crystals protect you. I want to believe that the electronic music scene is more organic and not as dark or techy.” it translates into how music can make you feel more connected when it’s vibrant, just like the jewels.

cassinelli’s advice to all is to follow your passions, for there’s no limit to what you want to do. “as long as we’re alive, every second is a chance to press the reset button and start all over again. face your fears and live your dreams, for it’s the only way you can truly live.” check him out on soundcloud and facebook.

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