A compelling, fierce force behind the underground music scene, Aloona is one of the few local female DJs who encourages electronic music lovers to connect with their spiritual side while listening to her ethereal Afro house tunes. The stylish newcomer arrived to Miami 4 years ago to endeavor and share her musical passion, skills, and sophisticated sounds with the city’s fans.

Although the gifted artist excelled in piano and guitar growing up, the open-minded DJ and producer has always been into underground music since her early childhood. She finds that it is deeper and purer compared to commercial tunes played all over the radio, and exclaims how spiritual deep house “not only has depths and layers, but also evokes emotions.” The Russian native has performed for over 10 years now and has lived in far-fetched places like Kiev, London, and of course, in her hometown of Moscow. She currently splits her time back and forth between Miami and Los Angeles, and has noticed that venues are distinctly different between the two sunny coastal cities: the former employs mostly clubs and restaurants to play music, whereas the latter utilizes more private parties.

Whenever she’s not perfecting her craft or discovering the latest exclusive tunes, she turns to her other hobbies like hot yoga, spinning, and painting. On a typical day, the free-spirited beauty starts off her morning with meditation and journaling, while also giving her wishes and prayers to the universe. Some of her favorite icons over the years include legends like Black Coffee and Solomun, whom she especially adores after viewing him perform for 24 hours straight at a private event in Los Angeles.

If there’s any feedback she could give to this city, it would be for more venues to integrate playing the spiritual deep house and Afro house music that she endorses instead of commercial tunes. Other local advocates of this style of uplifting music include LeMurian and Apache. For this upcoming year, Aloona yearns to perform again at Burning Man and bring her positive, easygoing vibes to fresh places like Coachella, Tulum, and Ibiza. You can catch her play at various distinguished Miami venues like SLS, Faena, WALL, and Chotto Matte. Be sure to follow the trendy artist on her personal site and Instagram.

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