after having grown up in secluded parts of the world like egypt and the caribbean, the well-traveled emkay settled down in miami as a young boy and has since exploded in the miami local scene. discovering his connection with music early on, he attended his first concert back in 2008 and has even partied at local festivals in germany. these experiences drove him to start djing in high school, where he got into house, trap, and booty music like laidback luke, gta, and diplo. with gta’s music being so diverse and diplo’s sets being so fun and interactive, he still appreciates how these south florida locals made it to the top.

after having studied finance and music management, the recent university of miami graduate plans to pursue his career in the music industry with even more bookings and throwing more good music out there once summer’s over. his sound is very current, for he plays edm, top 40, and hip-hop at local gems like wall, story, liv, mynt, and e11even, but even plays slap and tickle once a month at bardot for some deep house tunes. “I try to take risks and be diverse, taking little things from every genre.”

what makes emkay very particular are his progressive outlooks on the music scene. “there’s a lot of hate that comes with everything, like how hip-hop is dead versus it being alive. some people need to focus on the positivity, for complaining can only get you so far. the music scene is as big as it’s ever been so you’ve got to learn to adapt. with a city full of opportunities, miami is the place to be for musicians and producers, because everyone now has the chance to showcase their talent.”

you can expect to see him grow in the coming months, playing at various venues and flaunting his talent at iii points music festival this october. support him on facebook and soundcloud.

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