austin frank

austin frank immersed himself around music his whole life: his house was the go-to party place in weston while growing up, he played the guitar in a band, and along with djing and producing, learned to now play the piano. going to ultra music festival in high school influenced him to go into djing, and after doing gigs at fsu, he moved back down to miami to get a feel of what the foreign scene was like. this inspired him to sell his car and move to ibiza for a month, living the dream of experiencing all his favorite legends up close and personal. after that surreal summer, he became really motivated to unmask his talent in vice city.

through the monthly parties at the social lubricant in wynwood, his name became exposed and has spread across town, where he’s now doing gigs at places like the electric pickle, treehouse, space, and e11even. some of his greatest inspirations in his style of work come from his days of traveling and experiencing clubs in various cities, from the sexy sounds of ibiza to the deeper, darker, bass-driven music found right at home. one of his favorite cities to party in is bogotá, colombia, due to its amazing clubs and friendly environment that perfectly suits his free-spirited vibes.

with so many dj’s trying to make it to the top, there’s only so much you can do to make yourself stand out in a sea of aspiring musicians. “you have to be a little bit more than a dj nowadays. . . you’ve got to produce, keep up with social media, be a graphic designer, promoter, and model, at least when you’re first starting off. a lot of prominent dj’s are going back to their roots and foundations.” and then there are some who need to learn the hard way without any shortcuts. “kids don’t know how to beatmatch, and when you’re pressing that sync button, you’re really just cheating yourself.”

you can find him djing in panama this weekend with a cuba libre in his hand, and hopefully in the future, traveling the whole world, playing in a different city every night for however long he can get away with it. check out his music on soundcloud and facebook.

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