jessica vox

jessica vox flourished into the creative world of music and theater as early as age 6, where she discovered her talent and enrolled in theater lessons afterwards. the boca raton native moved to california during high school to set the stage for her future career at a performing arts boarding school where she majored in musical theater, and even furthered her liberal arts upbringing by studying communications in nyc. she then geared back towards the musical route, moving back to south florida where she began working with a production company called hollandjungle studios as well as the grammy winning producer and engineer carlos “el loco” bedoya.

living these past 2 years in miami has gotten the singer-songwriter into electronic music. “it’s taking over the city, and there’s no way you can avoid it. I was originally into jam and funk music with a band, but I’ve learned to combine all aspects of pop, electronic, r&b into my work as a more soulful sound.” she was introduced to international dj / producer named los de la vega, the first producer who she worked with that was straight electronic. performing with him at ultra music festival in miami was an unforgettable experience that has since allowed her to work on various projects with other local producers like niko javan, matt postrel, estella romand, and heavenly bodies records.

you might’ve seen her live shows at do not sit on the furniturebodega, or the loews in miami beach but if you haven’t, I encourage you to go see this one-of-a-kind artist in miami. her powerful, fierce voice and genuine personality set her presence known in the room. some influential artists in her style of work at the moment include the “amazing” pop songwriter tove lo, alunageorge, and sinead hartnett from the uk.

along with singing, jessica is considering djing as well in order to bring a live element to a traditional club set and broaden her reach as an artist. she’s found the miami music scene to be “more challenging for a pop/soul vocalist and songwriter because much of the industry is in los angeles. florida’s a lot more laid-back. . . many producers come here to perform, and there aren’t as many who live and stay here full time like on the west coast. finding a straight r&b producer here can be difficult – latin pop and electronic genres are the main appeal.” jessica agrees that many styles of electronic music don’t rely on a conventional song structure because it’s more about the beat. even pop music has started to sound “more electronic,” for top pop artists are collaborating with big name dj’s, and remixes are replacing the original songs and getting national radio play. the alunageorge song “you know you like it” is a perfect example. the album cut has been out for years but it wasn’t until dj snake remixed it that it blew up and started playing on national radio. “I think that is going to be something we see more overtime as electronic music will continue take over. music is a reflection of our times. as a society we are more ‘plugged in’ and technology-minded than ever before, so it’s only natural the music reflects that.”

recently attending the renowned techno festival movement in detroit made jessica realize she has a newfound, hardcore love for techno. besides singing and writing, she enjoys doing yoga, going to the beach at night, exploring new places and traveling. the dance/pop versatile artist plans on releasing her e.p. soon. if there’s anything jessica wants you to know, it’s that she’s always down to meet interesting and creative people to collaborate with in miami and other cities around the world. explore her music and see what she’s up to on facebook and soundcloud.

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