lost pieces

the epitome of local artists who know how to get it done right, michael gin and donnie lowe are the “lost pieces” that miami has been searching for. with waves of miami’s music and art scene having grown substantially richer along the international circuit, there’s been a greater need for locals who can keep up with the city’s climbing pace. the complementary pair behind lost pieces are one of the many key residents needed to cultivate the growth of sweet and savory house music and keep the 305 bumpin’.

after combining forces in 2012, the friends turned dj partners have been making a name for themselves this year with the team behind humans alike and across places in miami like the thriving venue of heart nightclub. what makes the team work so well is the natural, sincere camaraderie that exists between the two native kids of broward county. “we’re wacky when we play, but have great communication with each other, which is key.” knowing when to properly slow it down or speed it up have kept the booming dance floors steady and educated crowds swaying at their intoxicated tech house beats.

there’s a great deal of changes happening this year with donnie taking over the younan music label and michael spreading the love by tapping into other people’s potentials and teach production lessons. not only do they work solo but also as collaborators with their tight group of friends like freak the disco. “it’s not competitive at all. in our eyes, if one of us makes it, everyone else is going to make it. we all help each other get high up to the top.” as best friends and strict business partners, the buddies have had a solid time with blissful memories playing in their favorite cities all over the country like orlando, ft. myers, and new york city.

not ones to take anything too seriously, the clowns strive to live day by day, yet make every day count with the sole purpose of improving their position on a daily basis. with the right amount of luck, talent, and resourcefulness, the duo have managed to snag a spot alongside carl cox’s final residency at space ibiza, admitting that they couldn’t be more excited than fresh kids going to disney world. prepare to hear a batch of stuff they’ve cooked up and see them embark across the world this summer in places like colombia, london, costa rica, the south of france, and ibiza. support the duo on facebook and beatport now.

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