wise and undoubtedly amusing, igor is one half of the dynamic european dj and production duo, pig&dan. being in this industry for almost two decades has not only made him become aware that happiness is essential in making the best out of this experience handed over to you, but also realize that life’s biggest pleasures really do come down to the simplest of things: music, food and sex.

born on a little island called mallorca that’s centrally located next to ibiza, igor had a very relaxed upbringing and island-like lifestyle. during his childhood, he was sent off to boarding school for 8 years in switzerland, a place that he loved for the snow but hated due to his academic and social struggles. it was here where his enthusiasm for music grew for a teenager who thrived on fast bpm and high energy music like hardcore trance. he was able to make mixtapes and give the cool, up-to-date music to his roommate, who also happened to be the dj at the school dances.

it wasn’t until years later that pig&dan formed, where the spaniard and brit met randomly on a plane trip and began producing music together afterwards. their tracks have appeared on the labels of myriad techno legends like john digweed’s bedrock, richie hawtin’s plus 8, and sven väth’s cocoon recordings. with the former coming from a house upbringing and latter coming from a drum ‘n’ bass background, their style has evolved immensely with time to create a potent kind of techno that’s mixed with various elements and sounds they love, something that’s emerged to be crazy and bumping yet dreamy and balanced.

the playful musician describes himself as a combination of both introverted and extroverted, and has reason to believe that many musicians are the same way. “my comfort zone is in my studio. I think the dj’s is in the dj booth, because he’s in his own space with the people as he’s playing, but he’s also guarded with a barrier behind the booth.” he also asserts that musicians are hypersensitive and in touch with their emotions, which is why so many are introverted and deal with so many self-conscious feelings. “you kind of want to be at the center of attention, but you really don’t.” it’s for this reason that some turn to alcohol and drugs as their “social lubricant,” something that igor has openly and similarly struggled with in the past. “in a way, playing music is like a behavioral experiment when you see all these different types of people at the club. it’s not the drug that is bad, but it’s how people consume it.”

likewise, it can be compared to music in that it’s not the music itself that makes an impact but how you play it. “music has a structure that takes years to create. you can give two dj’s the same music, and one will rock it while the other will ruin it.” the problem is that everyone nowadays thinks they’re a dj, but for pig&dan, it has a deeper meaning than most people think, especially when they’re performing the whole night. “we compare it to making love to a woman. you don’t just arrive and rip her clothes off. there’s foreplay, climax, and an ending, but a lot of dj’s don’t know how to do foreplay.” he depicts it as journey that needs to make sense and quite comparable to another one of his loves, cooking. “you’re not going to enjoy your dessert if you have it before the entree or appetizer, because it won’t be enjoyed the same way.”

igor also stresses that one needs to be really obsessive, consistent, and compulsive to be successful in this business, for if it weren’t for his perseverance, he wouldn’t be in the same position he is in today. without any achievements or benefits from his career, pig could imagine himself in another life being a race car driver, something he couldn’t really pursue because of his weight, or naturally see himself as a chef. “cooking is like making music, in terms of knowing how to put different things together and use all your different ingredients and spices. food is the ultimate art that has a psychological element to it and includes all the 5 senses.”

after once starting off as an avid clubber, igor admits that he’s not a good one anymore. having lived as a party animal for so many years, he finds his place solely belongs in the dj booth. “I’ve been a vampire for 20 years, have done all the drugs and checked off all those little boxes, but for me now, it’s all down to having good company, waking up to a nice meal, and enjoying the simple things.”

the deep-rooted friends began their usa tour in august and will continue touring throughout the country this month. aside from touring around to the corners of the earth, they plan on releasing cool artists out on their label, elevate, this year and collaborate with many renowned producers like h.o.s.h. and adam beyer. support the witty, lively musicians now on beatport and facebook.


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