the him

it’s apparent that the netherlands has always been in the forefront of the electronic music scene, for the country has spewed out prominently thriving dj’s and producers left and right in the dance world. one of the brightest, freshest groups to emerge out of the country is the collaboration between the dutch producers, steven and joroen, who are collectively known as the him.

the former strangers met 3 years ago backstage behind some random festival in amsterdam. although both were more involved in the techno scene, they shared lots of similarities that generated not only a synergistic friendship, but also a professional relationship that flowed so smoothly. after creating random bootlegs together, they progressed onto remixes and finally felt their musical journey commence once they collaborated with sam feldt at the end of 2014.

fresh off touring with the chainsmokers, the engaging duo admit that they never know what to expect when they arrive to a show, for it can be quite a nerve-racking experience. “it’s a pleasant surprise when people come to see us and watch how the thousands of people are so into it. the nerves mixed with the euphoria are indescribable when you feel the energy of the crowd as you go up on stage. it’s like jumping into cold water for the first few seconds – it sucks at first, but you adapt and feel more comfortable soon after.”

self-described as geeky and realistic, jeroen sees himself as someone who keeps the outgoing and optimistic steven on track. “he’s the one who sees the dreams and visions, while I see if there’s puddles and troubles down the road.” the down-to-earth producers hold some truth to the famous dutch proverb that they “keep both feet on the ground” by remaining levelheaded and lighthearted. nevertheless, they both keep each other grounded and meet each other halfway with some hope and sensibility into their career plans. in another life, jerome confides that he’d probably be a programmer while steven admits that he’d be a brain surgeon, both so far-fetched from how their daily fun lives appear now.

as with any other musician, their style is ever evolving. everything they touch has a euphoric feel, but “nothing too over the top like how edm used to be.” although their roots are based in deep house, they’re inspired by pop music at the moment, and especially try to churn more emotions into their productions to make it more “deep.” with a goal of releasing multiple hits, they acknowledge that they have to constantly be releasing music, make album after album, and properly define their trademark style and body of sound. the epitome of someone who embodies those characteristics is calvin harris. “he’s a great example of a producer who’s constantly releasing hits on albums after massive albums.”

 in the following year, fans can expect to see a lot of different things coming from them. “right now, our main goal is to make good music; not only trap, deep house, or pop, but create something that makes you move and feel good.” sometime in the future, they’d love to collaborate with tove lo, calvin harris, chris martin, and jess glynn, amidst the hundreds of other gifted musicians around the world. along with working and perfecting their craft, their objective is to “aim high and be the future calvin harris.” support the dutch duo now on beatport and facebook.

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