hayden james

The lighthearted Sydney-based artist brings a vivid attraction to the global electronic music scene and brilliant Australian record label, Future Classic. Renowned for his simple yet blissful tracks with captivating lyrics, Hayden is making headlines once again with his tour and recent release of his new single with GRAACE, “Numb.”

With so much original talent arising out of his homeland, Hayden is not ashamed to support and bring other gifted artists to light. If you like groovy tunes and euphoric pop beats, some local Australian DJs he recommends that are definitely worth exploring include Golden Features and Young Franco. Although he’s been featured in so many eclectic, diverse festivals around the world, there’s nothing quite like being back home at Splendour in the Grass. If he had the chance, he admits to wanting to redo and perform on a main stage instead of a side stage at classically fun festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury.

In this day and age, portraying yourself on Instagram and Twitter can be a whole other side job that requires you to keep up with your audience while maintaining that relevance and social media presence. Whenever he releases an album, there’s an aesthetically sweet visual appeal about the music, the cover, and the whole project that relays on to his public outreach. Unlike other producers who post memes, jokes, and a whole other perspective of their personality, Hayden prefers to keep it real simple and convey his art for what it is. For the time being, “it’s more about the music than my personal life.”

If he weren’t in the music scene, you might see him in another life organizing bachelor parties as an event planner, or opening up his own bar or restaurant, but for now, he’s enjoying the road and making the best of where he is at the moment. Along with releasing new tunes, he’ll be touring the rest of the states in December and will end up in Asia over New Year’s before heading over to Europe in 2018. Support the lively Aussie now on his personal site and Facebook now.


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