Well-known for his signature melodic progressive house tracks, Maurizio Colella is a straightforward, no-nonsense artist by the name of EDX who knows what he wants and how he can achieve it. The seasoned DJ and producer has discerned to persevere in this profession by evolving his music, progressing his sound, and not standing still in time.

He first started DJing in the hiphop generation of the early 1990’s, and has witnessed how electronic dance music has revolutionized over these decades. Regardless of the career choice, he exclaims that “whatever you decide to do, you need to be passionate about it, involved, and interested in order to succeed, and not see it as something you have to do.” Aside from managing his radio show No Xcuses, he pays it forward by mentoring and helping other gifted newcomers “make some noise” and thrive in this demanding industry. “There are too many great talents out there, but lately, I’ve liked some alternative artists not following the trends too much. . . a bit of electronica, some alternative sounds with an edge to it, and others with good vibes that still have a deep meaning in the music.”

The combination of music, people, and travel ultimately make Maurizio the “music guy” and his artistic persona, EDX, complete as a whole individual. In the past few months, he released a new single that’s received lots of momentum called “Sillage” along with a handful of remixes, such as Bazzi’s “Beautiful” track with Camila Cabello, and David Guetta’s “Don’t Leave Me Alone.” In 2019, more fresh, uplifting anthems will be coming out around Miami Music Week in March, but before 2018 ends, you can catch him at his last big end-of-the-year show at Avalon in LA on December 15th.

Overall, there will be more music that he’s elated to share with the world. The veteran artist aspires to expand his music over the next decade, and step it up on the touring and production side by creating special shows. It would be taken to the next level from an “EDX 360 degrees” standpoint that already encompasses all people, sounds, and places, to an even more progressive, revolutionary outlook that is “EDX 720 degrees.” Support the Swiss-Italian DJ and producer now on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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