serge devant

Acclaimed for his timeless tracks that have been released across myriad prestigious labels like Crosstown Rebels, Knee Deep in Sound, and Circus Recordings, Serge Devant is a playful DJ and producer who embodies the original expression of living life to the fullest. Regardless of where life takes him, the enthusiastic artist and risk-taker is keen on staying true to himself and not be influenced by what’s deemed to be cool or happening in the scene.

The classically trained artist left his hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia, to NYC in the mid-1990’s, and has since dominated the electronic music scene by performing in elite venues and festivals around the world. What makes his tracks successful and long-standing to this day are that he “creates a story with sentimental value that attaches to you, and not just have a monotonous groove with a breakdown” that can be heard similarly in other records. By incorporating vocals, outlandish sounds, or melodic breakdowns, he composes a centerpiece and gives the song a signature personality to withstand time. Since the advent and slow rise of VIP tables and bottle service that began in the early 2000’s, he’s noticed over the years how much more engaging and interactive parties are than what they used to be. He even states how “it’s ironic how something so small like a cellphone can take away from the listener’s music experience, but now more people are putting more effort into the parties with better sound, decor, and production.” By grasping your attention to a full multisensory experience, they can hopefully steer you away from any personal distractions.

A few years ago, he left his hometown of NYC to live in the midst of palm trees and ocean breezes of Miami Beach, and has been encouraging other DJs to move down to the city of paradise as well. For the lighthearted artist, life is all about balance, and whenever he isn’t performing or producing in the studio, he turns to simple yet mentally stimulating activities like ping pong, chess, cycling, and water sports. Years from now, he hopes to continue doing what he loves now in this creative field.  “It’s inevitable to know where life takes you, because no one can know for sure, but I hope to keep doing whatever makes me happy.” In another era, Serge could imagine himself directing and editing movies, for it’s a passion of his that can be seen in his past work, “Fearing Love,” that has won an accolade for Best Short Film award at the 2016 Hollywood Independent Reel Film Festival.

After seeing how “big guys in the industry rise up and fall fast,” he declares he has no intentions or desire to explode and become super famous. With this slow evolution, he steadily maintains his prosperous career by keeping himself “warm, but never too hot” in the business. Completely content with where his life is and how everything is progressing, Serge plans to take things one step at a time, and continue conquering the world with his vividly rich tech house and deep house tracks. See him this week kicking off full-gear with a busy Miami Music Week schedule, and be on the lookout for his upcoming EP this May on Flying Circus. In the meantime, check out his latest remix of Fabio Aurea’s “Yini” that is currently number 1 on the Deep House Beatport charts. Support the charming artist now and see what he’s up to on his personal site.


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