Accompanying her extensive résumé of illustrious venues she’s performed at and distinctive roles pursued, Adeline continues to impress electronic music lovers with her bold moves and insightful expertise within the music industry. Not only does the Swedish artist light up the decks with her track selection and consistently high-quality sets, but also with her warm aura and animated energy. The former radio show host and curator for Soundcloud has no plans on pausing her thrilling life anytime soon, and is making big moves this year physically and figuratively as a well-respected female DJ and producer.

It is evident that the bright artist has a strong work ethic and genuine calling to be in this field, for she’s released multiple groovy tracks over the past few years on influential labels like Culprit and Get Physical. Her unique fashion style reflects similarly to that of her musical approach: a sophisticated raver with colorful yet refined taste in house and techno music. Although the wise musician holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics, Adeline “let the magic happen” by following her heart and passions. “I chose music because it’s given me the most expansion as a person as I get to know myself better. This is how I’m practicing being the best of me. I’ve learned so much about life that I don’t think I really would have had I chose the traditional setting of working in a corporate world.” By essentially challenging and putting herself out there, she is able to discover her talents, strengths, and weaknesses, all while flourishing as an innovative individual.

Apart from the countryside of her home country, the open-minded globetrotter has lived in various cities around the world like London, New York, Berlin, and Barcelona. The cosmopolitan citizen often always feels on the move internally with a keen desire to grow and expand as a person. It’s during these moments that as she learns more about herself, she learns more about the world and her role within the DJing trade, for she particularly feels “super inspired and encouraged by the femininity that’s building at the moment.” The bubbly character is looking for her place to settle down and get lost somewhere, but for now, she’s going with the flow and recently found her new home in Miami Beach. When the creative soul isn’t roaming the world, Adeline enjoys meditating, working out, and overall, being immersed in nature. Essentially, she believes that when you treat yourself well, you receive a better outcome in your art. “If I take care of this factory that is my body, I can produce good stuff whether that be through producing, singing, writing lyrics, or playing music.”

After surviving her first Miami Music Week last month, she has already felt so inspired to create even more, especially after attending her friends’ festivities and performing at the Get Lost party. Along with the release of her Crosstown Rebels EP that includes a D’Julz remix, Adeline will also be launching her own label called Body Frequency this summer with a new parties series. During the lively summer months, the Ibiza resident will return to Europe for her first gig at Zoo Project on the 19th of May and spend some time working in the studio as well. Be sure to support the fierce, independent artist now on her personal site and Beatport.


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