With their dedication, drive, and warmhearted nature, Jacob and Victor Andersson are contemporary artists behind the alias ManyFew who have effectively turned their dreams into a flourishing lifestyle. In a tenacious industry that’s difficult to get noticed and heard, the proactive Swedish brothers have managed to make waves across Europe with their succulent dance music tracks that is now making their way over to America.

The curious brothers were shaped by dance music over the years as they borrowed CD cases from their disc jockey uncles and learned how to sample. Although they’ve been immersed in electronic music since they were school-age kids, the university-educated siblings decided to forgo the business route and pursue their goals by taking their productions more seriously about 5 years ago. In early 2017, their first official track “Don’t Miss You” was released, and since then, they’ve unveiled a number of sweet, compelling tracks that embody a blend of funk, disco, and feel-good house music.

Since there’s always been a monumental focus around pop music in Sweden, the driven pair have always been inspired by the talent that’s arisen out of their country. “We know that there’s a lot of competition and skilled musicians out there, but the most important thing we can do is stick to our sound and be ourselves.” The down-to-earth duo work in a synergistic manner, for it helps that both are very structured and pragmatic in the studio. In fact, their solidarity is exemplified through their stage name, which originated from the brothers being fascinated by the oxymorons that other artists like Fatboy Slim have favorably used in the past. “In Swedish, we use different words, but don’t separate them by a space like in the English language, so that’s why we don’t have it separated now. It also shows how we are united as ‘one’ in a team.” Everyday, they work with a smile on their faces and feel so blessed to promote positivity through their music. Even with the countless colleagues they’ve met in the music industry, the humble siblings feel that it’s important to keep themselves grounded with friends from diverse career backgrounds and not just those that work in the music trade, for it’s beneficial to gain new perspectives and hear the music from someone else’s ears.

Their radio show Electronic Heaven consists of ManyFew’s original mashups and favorite tracks of the moment, and has now expanded to broader platforms like iTunes and Google Play since its debut in 2017. They travel frequently to London on a monthly basis as they work with other singers, songwriters, and producers, and find it uplifting to meet new connections while traveling. One day, they dream of collaborating with other distinguished producers like Calvin Harris, especially with his latest disco funk sound, or even produce for artists in other genres like Alicia Keys. In the meantime, they are plotting out their next cool live performances stateside and within the UK. Be sure to check out their latest VIP Mix of “Closer Love” out now, and support them on Soundcloud and Facebook


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