black caviar

Troy Hinson and Jared Piccone, the lighthearted duo behind Black Caviar, have always been immersed in some type of musical project throughout the midst of their expansive careers. Now that the rambunctious guys have made some noise across the electronic music scene with their eclectic musical range, they’re grateful and thrilled to see what the future will bring for their first bustling year of touring across the country.

After withdrawing from music for some time, the lifelong friends assembled this musical project in 2015 without any intentions or expectations in mind. It has always been their main priority to have fun as they seek the path of least resistance in staying young-at-heart, or as the playful boys would say, “man-children.” They began DJing and producing after asking themselves how they could remain youthful when they didn’t want to grow up. At the time, “we felt like dance music got a little stale for a while, so that’s why we tried to carve our own lane.” Following much deliberation, they proceeded with the stage name Black Caviar, a visual, luxurious portrayal of their eclectic sound that’s a fusion among diverse genres like hip hop, Latin, and house music. Since then, their career has soared with an extensive résumé of tracks that include wildly popular songs like “Coco” and “What’s Up Dangerfrom the Spiderman: Intro The Spider Verse movie. Even with all the unique facets of music they encompass, the group would like to see Troy’s personal favorite, banjo music, to make a comeback that peaked for a minute and then faded with bands like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. Nevertheless, the fact that people care about what they’re doing is still surprising to them, for it enables them to “live in this world a little bit longer before having to grow up.” 

Despite living in a somber world, the comical partners-in-crime manage to perfectly execute the art of maintaining discipline and creativity in their craft while not taking life too seriously. Hinson even expresses how contrastingly ironic it is to compare their former bands to the current group they’re in now. “We’re in a scene where a bunch of people are standing there and watching someone else on stage staring back at computers. It’s a weird idea if you think about it. We’ve played in bands and have filled cars with amplifiers while only playing to like 3 people, whereas now, we have mp3s and play it on a sound system to so many people who just look at us, so it’s like ‘how would you ever take us seriously?'” Although the visionaries had previously worked in music with Jared as director of A&R at Casablanca/Republic Records and Troy as a writer and producer for Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show on SiriusXM, they never expected to turn this endeavor into a fruitful career or have such a tremendous impact in the dance music scene. As a result of forging their own unique path within the industry, the refreshing artists’ lives and work ethics have truly exemplified the quintessential motto, Y.O.L.O.

After playing a dozen shows in 2018 to performing at least a dozen every month now, Black Caviar is just beginning to spread their wings touring-wise. Jared even attests to how “this is the first band where we’re super prepared and confident in the tunes coming out this year.” They hope to continue spreading love and doing this as a career while growing old, and perhaps get more involved in doing movie scores after doing the Spiderman movie. Be sure to check out their latest summer anthem “El Camino” out on Casablanca/Republic Records, and support the enthusiastic duo on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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